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Ketu Pantheon - Darhaskos by Umbrafen


Name: Darhaskos (dar-hass-kose or dar-hass-koss)
Other Names: N/A
Sex: Male
Size: Like the other gods, Darhaskos can alter his size at will. He spends most of his time in his animal form, at around 10 ft at the shoulder.
Home: Lucedar
Pantheon Rank: Minor god
Occupation: Deity of stealth and secrecy
Symbol: Darhaskos by Matriarchs-Haunt
Attitude Toward Ketucari: Darhaskos doesn't particularly care for ketucari and, knowing their reputation as god killers, would rather keep out of their way. If he happens across one in his territory, he will attempt to chase them off by spooking them without actually revealing himself.
Appearances: None currently

Other Forms: While Darhaskos is most often seen in the form of Lucedarian jungle set, he sometimes appears as a tall, agile-looking Lucedarian man dressed in tribal garb.


Relatives: No canon blood relations

Notable Relationships

Kenkasaei, Ochredari, and Saudriga: Though not related by blood, Darhaskos considers his fellow "set gods" to be his siblings, and they him. Though the four of them have very different personalities, they are close knit and support each other any way they can (similar to a colony of actual sets).


Alignment: Chaotic neutral (Notoriety)
Personality: Among friends, Darhaskos is outgoing and warm. He is always mischievous, however, and will prank people whenever he can. True to his godly associations, he is master of stealth and disguise.


   Darhaskos is one of four god “siblings” that take the form of sets. Like numerous other gods, he was brought into existence by the sheer power of belief. Given the popularity of sets as pets in Velukaelo, it’s no wonder that they ended up having a place in the legends passed down from generation to generation in many different societies, giving rise to deities that bore semblance to the treasured weasels. Darhaskos is a relatively new god (only a century or two old), brought into existence around the same time as Kenkasaei, Ochredari, and Saudriga. When Darhaskos isn't visiting his siblings, he is roaming the lush jungles of Lucedar collecting rare poison and venom extracts. He is known by the surrounding inhabitants as a prankster, though he is not exactly feared as he has only killed those who have outright attacked him.

Darhaskos is associated with the notoriety path as those are the ones who most frequently seek his aid. He will lend his power if those who seek it manage to see past his efforts to frighten them away and come bearing gifts he deems useful.

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