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Here is where you can submit breedings! There are a few rules to be aware of, so be sure to read this journal thoroughly before submitting your breeding requests!


  •  First, be aware of all breeding risks (such as dead cubs) that may arise from breeding low-rank ketucari. You can find this information here:

  •  Make sure that, if the ketucari isn't yours, you have permission from the owner to use them. You can find out how to write/obtain permission in the breeding link above.

  •  Do not use items that are not already in your hoard.

  •  Each user may only submit 3 breedings per month, and take part in 3 split litters posted by someone else.

  •  Only post requests here! This is not the place for miscellaneous conversations.

  •  Other members may not post breedings for you.

New Updated Additions to Split Rules

  •  Any conditional rules about ownership of the cubs must be written, documented, and agreed to before the breeding is rolled and split. Any rules placed after the cubs have been officially split will be considered Void and unenforceable by the group.

  •  Rules about how the other person uses their cubs will also be considered unenforceable by the group as we do not allow one player to control how another plays the game (except in certain cases of a ketucari being co-owned. As a reminder, co-owning, while allowed, is not officially endorsed by Ketucari.) Any harassment directed at another player over how they use their cubs will be actioned against.

  •  Splits cannot be used to get around issues that may arise from the selling or deceasing of a ketucari without the knowledge and permission of the other participant of the split.

  •  Splits should not be used to get around monthly breeding limits (i.e. you do a split with someone with all your own own postings used, with the intention of taking the whole litter for yourself as if it were a full breeding.)

  • If you and your partner in a split are having issues regarding any of the above rules and cannot resolve them on your own, please contact an admin and/or note The Haunt so we can try to help you.

  • New Not really new but we realized it was never Stated: Whoever hosts the split is assumed to be the owner of the cubs unless the litter is split, or unless stated otherwise on the breeding comment.

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