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Deviation Actions

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Adventures are one of the activities that can yield gold and materials to help you advance your ketucari. 

How to Adventure

For quick reference, here is the form for adventuring that should be placed and filled out in the artist's description of your adventure pieces (one form per ketucari).

Import Link:
: (specify reaping, prospecting, or venture)
Pet Skill: (if your ketucari has a trained pet, list their skill here. The pet has to be shown in the picture in order for the skill to count. Remove if not applicable)
Deity Alliance: (if your ketucari is in a pack allied to a deity, include the deity's name and alliance confirmation here. Remove if not applicable)
Old Soul: (if your ketucari has Old Soul, list the pet they are seeking here. Must be in the zone's fauna and must be present in the piece. Remove if not applicable)
Mentor: (if your ketucari is benefitting from an elder with Mentor, specify this here. Remove if not applicable)
Other Bonuses: (if your ketucari has other bonuses from items or otherwise unlisted categories, list them here. Remove if not applicable)
Permission to Revive: Yes/No (please specify yes or no. If yes is specified, you are giving
rollers permission to deduct meat from your hoard to revive your ketucari if they are KO'ed so that the piece
doesn't have to be moved to corrections)

This section gives and explanation of adventure requirements and how to submit them. The mechanics behind adventures will be covered farther down. If you're an older member, you may remember the time that you could bring back items from all five major categories at once. In order to simplify things for both players and admins, adventuring as of January 2017 has been separated into three sub-categories. They are as follows:

• Reaping
• Prospecting
• Ventures

While you may include up to 4 ketucari per piece, they must all be taking part in only one sub-category.


Stats Raised/Utilized: Cunning, perception
Items Found: Herbs, animal parts (claws, fangs, etc.), leather scraps, meat, gold

Reaping is the process of gathering herbs and hunting animals. In order to take part in reaping, your ketucari must be depicted hunting or killing prey or shown wearing/carrying herb gathering equipment (up to your discretion what this might include). Reaping will raise your ketucari's cunning and perception statistics depending on whether they are hunting or gathering herbs. When creating a reaping piece, be sure that any herbs you depict match the zone your ketucari are adventuring in. Animals can be either ones found within the zone's fauna section or normal creatures, such as rabbits, deer, birds, and snakes, though they should fit into the environment of the zone depicted.


Stats Raised/Utilized: Intellect, willpower
Items Found: Ores, gems, artifacts, gold

Prospecting is the process of digging for artifacts or mining for ores or gems. In order to take part in prospecting, your ketucari must at least be depicted wearing/carrying mining equipment (up to your discretion what this might include). Prospecting will raise your ketucari's intellect and willpower statistics depending on whether they are mining or looking for artifacts. When creating a prospecting piece, be sure the ore you depict matches the zone your ketucari are adventure in.


Stats Raised/Utilized: Luck, as well as minor boosts for other randomly selected statistics
Items Found: Gold as well as any items found via boosts such as an Ancient Medallion or Vestige of Hianlian. Ketucari will also be able to bring back items to give as offerings to the gods in order to win their favor for their pack (limit one per ketucari per piece).

Ventures are essentially miscellaneous scenarios that do not fit under the other categories. This is for art/literature based on story-building and "just for fun" pieces that don't necessarily have to have a specific goal in mind. This sub-category is good for ketucari seeking to raise their luck statistic. 

Submission Requirements

Submissions should meet our minimum submission requirements, found HERE.

• Submissions can be placed in the group Adventure folder, but must be submitted via our website for processing. You can see how to do this here, under the Prompt Submission section: Site Guide
• Please be sure to include the form at the top of this page in your submission.
• Upon being rolled, the piece will be linked on your ketucari's Adventure Log (on their import). All items from adventuring will be automatically added to your bank account.

Submission Corrections

If an admin requests a correction with your submission and moves it to the corrections folder, please submit the fixed piece over the old one. This can be done by hitting "edit" on the deviation page, uploading the fixed version, and hitting  save. Alternatively, you may place the corrected piece in the artist's description of the old piece. Admins will go over corrections periodically to see if the requested changes have been made. If so, they will go ahead and roll your pieces l ike normal. Pieces that have been in the corrections folder for over a month without being fixed will be removed from the folder and will need to be resubmitted.

Adventure Statistics

  Each ketucari has statistics that can help increase their chances of finding certain items via adventures.  You will see these stats listed on the Ketucari Import Database.…

Cunning increases the chance of bringing back kills/animal parts.

Perception increases the chance of bringing back herbs.

Intellect increases the chance of bringing back artifacts.

Willpower increases the chance of bringing back ores and gems.

Luck increases the quantity of gold found.

Increasing certain statistics can be done with various items, both temporarily and permanently. Visiting the Hallowed Tarn can sometimes boost a random stat. The easiest way to boost adventure stats is simply by submitting adventure pieces. Every time your adventure is rolled, random stats are increased by a random amount and added to your ketucari on the stat sheet.


  There are many different types of loot to be had from adventuring! The quality of loot as well as what you find is dependent on which zone you're adventuring in. If you are using a ketucari with low armor, it's good to stick to low level zones until they're a bit stronger or else they'll run a high risk of being KO'ed by a Domain Guardian. You can find what sort of items are available in a particular zone, as well as the suggested armor rating, by visiting one of the zone pages linked on the group's front page. Blind or deaf cubs from inbreeding will bring back less loot and have a rougher time starting out with adventuring than their healthy counterparts!

Here are the basic loot categories:

 Animal Parts- This includes meat, bones, horns, hides, etc. These items can be used in crafting. On the zone page, you can see which fauna will drop which items by clicking on their thumbnails. Meat can be used to restore some of your ketucari's armor.

Herbs- Herbs are primarily used in crafting. You can see which herbs can be found in an area by visiting the zone's page.

Ore and Gems- Ores and gems are used in making custom armor.

Artifacts- Collecting artifacts pieces and putting them together in the Workshop will give your ketucari special boosts to certain statistics.

Gold, our group's currency, can also be found in random quantities.

Knock Outs

   Don't forget that zones are patrolled by powerful and sometimes sadistic gods! Each adventure piece comes with a chance of being knocked out by the zone's Domain Guardian. KO's will deplete your ketucari's armor completely, and the only way to revive them will be to complete a Hallowed Tarn piece or to buy an item from the Marketplace. KO's are completely random, but you can decrease the odds of this happening by not adventuring in zones above your armor rating. The only way to completely dash the possibility of a KO is to defeat the Domain Guardian via a Sanctioned Raid. While the DG is respawning, they won't be able to KO anyone.

Resource Limitations and Zone Resets

(Temporarily Disabled)

  Zones do not have unlimited resources. On the zone page, you will notice that each ore vein, herb, and animal has a limited quantity. Each time someone finds one such item through adventuring, that resource's availability will go down. Eventually, it will get to the point that the zone's resources are completely depleted and it will be impossible to bring back anything from it. Restoring the zone's resources requires a zone reset. Basically, it requires a team to assemble and take down the zone's Domain Guardian in a Sanctioned Raid. If the DG is successfully vanquished, in addition to there not being KO's for a time, all of the zone's resources will be replenished.

Quality Rolls

  The "quality roll" mechanic serves as an incentive to slow down and put more effort into one's work, literature and art alike. If your adventure art or literature exhibits extra effort compared to the rest of your gallery (to be judged by an admin), a starter ketucari will "join" you on the adventure and gift you with whatever items they roll! Keep in mind that starters have maxed out adventure stats, so the rewards for putting in some extra effort can be great! Remember that this is judged against your own gallery and skill level. If you're a beginner, you will not be passed over for a quality roll because your art isn't of the same caliber as someone who has been drawing for 10+ years. This would be unfair and that is not our goal! However, we do require that the effort be noticeable as we do not want players abusing this feature. We will be considering things such as anatomy, background quality, and posing for art, and story flow and creativity for literature. We will be lenient with grammar and spelling for those for whom English is not their first language, so don't fret if that's the case!

Keep in mind, however, that as it takes time for players to improve, quality rolls are rare events.

Questions and Answers

Can I incorporate an elder theme into an adventure piece?
Answer: Yes, you can! Keep in mind that there can only be one theme per piece.

Are stat gains guaranteed with adventure rolls?
Answer: Yes, your ketucari is guaranteed a stat gain depending on the adventure sub-category of the piece. For example, if they're hunting prey under the reaping category, they will get a cunning increase.

Can I combine a quest and an adventure, an adventure and a battle, etc.?
Answer: No. Activity pieces must be separate.

Do adventures count toward Bonding?
Answer: Yes!

Can I lease out my ketucari to other players for use in adventures?
Answer: Yes. The terms of the lease are between you and the other player. Generally in these situations, the other party draws/writes your ketucari in adventures in exchange for the loot. However, admins will always place earned loot in the hoard account of the ketucari's owner. As such, the owner will need to transfer the loot to the leasee by leaving a transfer comment over at The Hoard.

If I agree to allow an admin to revive my ketucari in the event of a KO, what/how many items will be deducted from my hoard?
Answer: The minimum amount of meat/misc. items required to revive a ketucari. So, one piece of the lowest quality meat in your hoard. You will be notified if/when this happens. Keep in mind that this also means if you only have a high level potion you were saving, it will be used! Please be aware of your hoard's contents and use this safely, as admins will not refund you items you didn't want used but gave permission for.

Where can I can go to see what certain loot items are used for?
Answer: The Item Library!

How long does it take for adventure pieces to be rolled?
Answer: This is a tough question to answer, at it depends solely on admin availability. It may take anywhere from a day to (in times of heavy school workloads and holidays) a couple weeks. We try to get to everything in a timely manner to the best of our ability, so most of the time it takes a few days!

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Is there a size limit to the images? Like, would it be ok if I wanted to do a pixel scene for an adventure? Since some groups require their activities to be a certain pixel size (like not falling under 500x500)