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Silkie Feather Base v3



UPDATE 5/11: v2 template has been replaced and is no longer available due to several glaring issues. Here are the details on v3!
• Jaws have been cleaned up and new jaws have been added (jut, rounded 1 & 2, heavy, spiked, and bearded)

• Lines and coloring have been slightly cleaned up. The weird gray overlay is no longer there, so colors should be appearing brighter and bolder!

• We also have a new, more interesting import BG that is basically an upgraded version of the original. This is the new standard import BG.

• You may notice that elder backgrounds are missing. This is because they are also getting an update and this file will be updated once those are added.

• The overall size of the file has been reduced from 3300 x 2064 to 2600 x 1626. This should make upload time MUCH faster and you should no longer be getting oversized file errors when uploading them to stash!

• The size of the ketucari relative to the background has been decreased by 1% to make a little more room for horns and such.

Ketucari are a closed species
. This template is only to be used by ketucari owners with a silkie genotype. 

Download for the PSD. Works best on Photoshop or SAI.
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