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Ixiark 996

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Name: Ixiark
Nicknames: Seeker of Dankness
ID: 996

Owner: E-102-Dreamweavers
Previous Owners: CocoaAndTea
Designer: CocoaAndTea 
Bonding:  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black 20/100

Character:  Ixiark was born and raised in Molten Highland as one of many Orphans inhabiting the region of Vorim Hataar. The terrain was notably warm, and the resources helped keep her adequately fed in spite of not knowing her lineage and essentially being on her own. The brutality of her environment led to the development of a macabre sense of humour, as well as her self-proclaimed title: “Seeker of Dankness.”

Ixiark eventually moved southward to Darsha. She settled somewhere in the capital city of Messus, having done so out of a curiosity for what lied beyond Vorim Hataar. Her instincts led her to Darsha instead of Aegrus; without a pack to guide her, she relied on the assistance of mining companies she aided and abetted to guide her to the social world beyond Molten Highland. 

Most of Ixiark's attempts at social interaction happened back home in Molten Highland, resulting in her being employed by various mining companies. She tried replicating positive moments in the Plains of Messus, where many adventurers make a point to stop at. The results would either cause these other adventurers to head outward of Darsha to parts unknown, or to head back to Messus. She liked to listen to these other adventurers' tales, at least; it offered something to remember them by whenever they departed.

Having primarily grown up on her own, she tries to hunt independently, though she is quite aware of needing guidance in a lot of other departments. Ixiark has not quite made the jump into adolescence, though she imagines her journey in doing so will begin soon. Like many previous adventurers she had heard about in the realm of Velkuaelo, she plans to keep a diary of her goings-on wherever she goes. She still has a sense of wanderlust, which might mean you will see her soon.

: Horns of Plenty


: Initiate;


Armor: 95/150  Strength: 31  Dexterity: 20  Cunning: 12   Perception: 4   Intellect: 31  Willpower: 37  Luck: 18



Sex: Female
Genotype:  EE/SS/KK/nRy/nFr/nMtl/Ww
  Charcoal with Ray, Frill and Mottling
Feather Type: Smooth

Lifetime Breedings:

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Shachath 18
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire: Fieris 603
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Scald 274
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Bolton 532
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Andromeda 579
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:Kamala 08
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown
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GammaPlays - EP13 - The Reminder To Git GudNews had been ringing throughout Velukaelo. An exploding limousine crashed alongside a mountain. Ketucari identified as slavers buried alive deep, deep within The Singing Vale. Ketucari identified as cannibals having their eyes gouged out throughout multiple territories, whose carcasses were left as housewarming gifts for the carrion to feast. Stock prices in various drug companies went up a little in the past few months. An image had been recently reconstructed by a painter, of the force behind these events. They say she wielded the stars from up in the sky as her nuclear arms, and she had something on her nose. Her body primarily comprised of jet black, save for the top of her head. It was a shade of magenta. Her eyes were swimming salmon, and the curse words emnating from her sharp fangs were sailors from the moon of a distant planet. The painter also saw her get hit by a train passing by the Viridian Tangle. * Ixiark eventually grew fatigued from all the running she had done after the explosion of the limousine she found herself in. She still wondered how she had gotten into the limousine. She wound up in a tropical rainforest. It took her a while to recognize this fact. “ far did I travel to wind up here?” Ixiark gazed around her newfound surroundings. This place was a different kind of peaceful, compared to The Singing Vale. Despite the peaceful ambience, there was an underlying intimidation factor to this jungle, compared to the places she had previously visited. Wait. The Viridian Tangle was not far from her original position in The Singing Vale. Theoretically, she could return to her fellow Horns of Plenty! Maybe she could tell the story of her drug-induced limousine trip to her packmates and see what she could do to ease her problems. Speaking of the Horns of Plenty, there was a fellow member. At least, Ixiark assumed she had seen him before among the pack. His fur was shades of teal, turquoise, and cyan, with thin dots laced across his body and streaks of jet black along his head and lower back. She had not caught his name before, though she had a sneaking suspicion she would see him again after this affair in the Tangle. He had later referred to himself as Amihan. The fellow member's eyes seemed to be affixed to another Ketucari. He was drinking from a nearby lake. Ixiark muttered to herself, upon checking out the other male, “Holy shit, are those moose antlers? They look phenomenal. I wish Father Hel packed me some of those bad boys on my head.” The fellow Horn of Plenty member smirked widely, though his eyes remained affixed to the other male. Ixiark was unsure why. Was there something the other had possessed? Eventually, Ixiark got a better look of the other male Ketucari. He possessed cobalt spots all over his body, with the rest of his body being sky blue. He seemed to be doing a daily ritual, involving a prayer to his deity – Saoirse. Ixiark would get to know the Saoirse priest's name as Galahad. He promised to help her and Amihan with some errands in the Viridian Tangle, on the grounds they not interfere with his morning rounds. On Ixiark's part, the events went poorly. Her memory was foggy after having gotten to know Galahad and Amihan for a bit. All she knew was that the domain guardian whom Galahad worshipped, Saoirse, showed up out of nowhere. “I like trains.” Saoirse's words made Ixiark tense up. “Did you hear that?!” Ixiark panicked. Something about the Viridian Tangle seemed off, and maybe Galahad could have helped identify Saoirse. Sadly, they seemed to be confused by her guarded behaviour – Galahad moreso than Amihan. As Ixiark was about to explain her past interactions with Hel, whom she still believed was her father, she found she was awkwardly standing on some train tracks. In a flash, she saw how distant both of the other Ketucari were; it was moreso than she had initially estimated. All she assumed they saw was a train hitting her smack dab in the middle of her body. She fell unconscious afterwards. * Many moons later, Ixiark found herself near a lake. She awoke with a killer headache. How long had she been in torpor? Probably not long. This lake was definitely not a hospital, though... Ixiark checked her wounds. She was hit in the middle of her body by a train, so she expected to still have some lingering bruises from the ensuing impact. This wound up still being the case, but her wounds were definitely mitigated. Perhaps being in a cold body of water atop a mountain range did the trick on its own, though something less homeopathic would still be required to fully heal up. The ambience of the mountains helped calm Ixiark down about her current situation. It was still not particularly pleasant, but at least she was not dead. She hoped she was not dead. Even if she were some bizarre “unsent”-type of Ketucari, she at least hoped she could keep her sentience and identity. Ixiark's body returned to spatial awareness, and she could tell as much. Her muscles were sore, her bruises returned to being painful. This pain was not as hardcore as she thought it would have been. Though the water had helped, it seemed to mostly meet her halfway. She would have to heal the rest of herself, by herself. There were other Ketucari who presumably were around. They had quickly informed her of where she was residing in – The Hallowed Tarn. It was a legendary lake within the “foot” of Mount Vitian in Leto. This confused Ixiark further; how did a train manage to drag her several continents and a whole body of ocean from The Viridian Tangle? Was being brought here the work of her father, Hel? Or was this someone else's doing? She had pondered these thoughts, mostly to herself. The Tarn's water was definitely cold enough to numb most of the damage which caused her to be knocked out, and Ixiark seemed mildly disgruntled when she remembered who summoned the train which ran her over. Saoirse. Was it because she was a goddess of life, and Hel was a god of death? Was being Hel's daughter enough to make her be seen as a force of death? She assumed life and death were just opposite sides of the same coin. Then, she pondered, why did they fight each other as if they weren't? Even if that was not what had caused Ixiark to be run over by a train, Saoirse definitely saw her as enough of a threat to summon one to hit her hard. Ixiark had to calm herself down, before she realized a much simpler motive could explain why Saoirse attacked her the way she did. Ixiark was not among her clergy, like Galahad was. Therefore, Saoirse could not identify the Ketucari as someone who would be helpful. Ixiark had heard a myriad of stories about domain guardians being turned on by the Ketucari who resided within. Saoirse was savvy enough to recognize the threat level Ixiark possessed, judging by her past adventures and the Notoriety she must have been gaining from them. Even the potential of a huge threat needed to be quashed, lest it blow up in Saoirse's face. Regardless, if Saoirse had not attacked Ixiark, then it was likely some mistake was being made. Ixiark took deep breaths, “Gotta git gud.” “What?” Ixiark had heard another voice, but could not detect who it was. Ixiark repeated herself, with more articulation, “I've got to git gud.” The voice did not ask again. Good. Ixiark was wondering if she would have been subject to a comedic gag, in order to provide levity to an already terribly awkward situation. Ixiark began departing from the area, unsure of where her journey would continue....

Your Ketucari visited the Hallowed Tarn, restoring 50% of their armor and gaining the following stats: 10 Intellect, 10 Willpower, 6 Strength, 5 Strength

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Learned the Slam skill!
•  The ketucari barrels into the target, using their body weight as a weapon. Chance to stun the enemy.

GammaPlays - EP11 - RunI fell for your magic, I tasted your skin And though this is tragic, at least I found the end I witness your madness, you shed light on my sins And if we share in this sadness? Then, where have you been? Just a quick recap for those not in the know. Hi, my name is Ixiark, Seeker of Dankness, and Daughter of Hel. I am a part of a group known as the Horns of Plenty. We have not done a whole lot, so I can imagine being a Horn of Plenty, Horn A Plenty, Horn Whatever Plenty... it all gets lost amid the sea of groupings I participate with. I know you're not in love, like you used to be Guess I'm not the one, like you used to think So you just run I know that I'm stuck, in this misery Guess I'm not enough, like you used to think So I'll just run Ever been in the back of a limousine, high off your ass on lager, meat, and opium? I have. It was rough. Was this limousine I found myself in made of human hands, or Ketucari hands? All I knew is I woke up in a daze, trying to remember how I got here. What year is it? 2019-2? I saw humans in what look to be some nice outfits. They were drinking the same shit I would be, if I wasn't immeasurably hungover. One of them looked to be holding a keychain. On it contained a spheroid – half red, half white, with a center button also white. Something within me was frankly unamused by it. Seeing it caused me to get visions of a human. Or was he undead? Yeah, come to think of it, the person I saw looked to be a corpse held together by sheer spite. He tried to run up on people he yelled at for being abusive to two of his friends, to the point of driving them away from the realm these humans were all a part of. One of the complicit, “an abuse victim turned abuser” in the words of the zombie, took out a gun and shot him repeatedly. Eventually, the light in the zombie's eyes expired, and he fell back to the ground. Everyone else celebrated in said zombie's demise, though they would later pretend they did not. You bathe in your victory, you blew out all my fuse And if I took on the planet, will I pay my dues? Your love was a mystery, yeah my love is a fool And I travel the country, just to get to you. Something took over me, as I begin trying to bite on the spherical keychain belonging to the ritzy humans. I ended up accidentally biting the human's hand. My eyes were bloodshot, and I was reminded of the time I accidentally tasted the paw of a fellow Ketucari. I was reminded how good it all tasted. Was this Father Hel's way of telling me I was morally correct? Bugger if I know. The other humans were alerted by the screams. One of them tried taking a gun out. I turned to them, and bared my teeth. Though they bore a facial disposition of fright, the guy with the gun kept his grip firm. Brave, but perilously foolish. I know you're not in love, like you used to be Guess I'm not the one, like you used to think So you just run I know that I'm stuck, in this misery Guess I'm not enough, like you used to think So I'll just run I knew I attacked the other humans. I felt they were responsible for my current problems. I bit the other guy as well, in the hand directly holding the gun. Did I get shot? I must have. I recoiled away from them for a bit.In my head a voice whispered, “Run. Save yourself.” I vocally responded, “No.” More gunshots could be heard. I felt some bullets at least graze my scaly flesh. I was sure I ate the hands of the attackers, for I am unsure of what else tastes like both opium and chocolate pudding. I was outnumbered. I heard people shout, “Get in Zergling Formation!” I heard myself quip with what I believed to be a witty aphorism, “The fuck is a Zergling, you mashed potato?!” After having finished off my assailants, I was made dizzy by the limousine's movements. How huge was this monstrosity of a vehicle? I tried to get my bearings. I eventually looted the corpses of my adversaries, and began attempting to wear their suits and clothes. And I travel the country. For a while, my running was slower than typical. I remembered why; I tried to run as if I only had two legs. My thought process was being able to get the jump on anyone else in this machine who made the mistake of attacking me. I would punch them in the throat, and eat them the same way I ate the humans with guns. I think the other humans thought I looked funny, for they laughed at me. They also briefly tried to grope me, or made grabby gestures otherwise at my suit. I felt they were slowing me down; were they all punch-drunk as I had been? I eventually went back to running on all-fours. No one in this wheeled carriage could catch up with me. My setting felt like an infinite hallway of bright lights, cheap white wines, and at one point a hot tub. I had to get my feet wet in a hot tub, just to pass by. Nobody seemed to regard me as a threat at this point, or maybe I showed them I could kill them if they fucked with me. My brain was in a constant haze, as I just wanted out of this dastardly contraption. Eventually, my body slammed face-first into what appeared to be a wall. I was not used to hitting walls I could not dig underneath. Naturally, I tried planting my claws into the carpet of the limousine. This was a fool's errand. And I travel the country, just to get to you. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. It took me countless tries to get past the limousine wall. Forget trying to figure out how long I was in the limousine. I did not even know when I first got on it. I remembered being allured by the food, the drinks, the drugs. Fuck yeah, the drugs. I remembered it was more than just opium. I tried some other good shit. If it's so good, though, why do I feel so bad NOW?! I was taken to visions granted to me, somehow. I saw myself as a robot this time, one with red-and-black stripes who came to work strapped. I was being ordered by some balding weirdo with a big nose, a moustache, and a floating vehicle, tasked with taking on an organism with blue spikes and a bad attitude. I tried facing on this threat, but he was a blur. I ran the fade on the blue... hedgehog? The fuck am I doing, having visions of a blue hedgehog?! There was a pink one as well, who got in my way as I plotted to execute the blue blur. I had an accord with the pink hedgehog. I backed off, dreaming of a time where I could have been friends with the organisms and not with the asshole who ordered their deaths. I was removed from the visions by a limousine driver, who panicked at the blood I had shed in the back. His guttural scream echoed across the lengthy hallway, and I realized I had not just avoided the other humans. I had either slaughtered them for groping me, or caused enough bodily harm where they were scared of me. I know you're not in love. Eventually, the limousine driver's face began transforming into Hel's. It was uncanny, and I was taken aback by the driver's transformation. “Ixiark, my Daughter. What the fuck hast thou done?!” Was this a result of the drugs? Or was Hel trying to communicate with me, and his communications had been stifled by my being on drugs? I was speechless. If Father Hel was ever upset at me, I would not know how to respond. I could not know how to respond. I imagine I've been kind of a shit daughter, at least because I knowingly murdered my own kind when they chose to cannibalize and enslave others. I murdered humans who had at least drugged me, but they were otherwise innocent by comparison. The blood was right in my fangs. “Why did you give me visions of a zombie getting gunned down by abusive mortals?! Why did you give me visions of a robot fighting a blue hedgehog?! What do they mean, Daddy?! WHAT DO THEY MEAN, DADDY?!” I did not know how the words escaped my mouth, but I could hear their escape, could feel it on my breath. The driver's face returned to being their normal self. Father Hel was not there anymore. He was mortified, and I was certain I was going to get killed in this car if I did not find a way out of it. I know you're not in love. I bashed my head against the walls of the limousine. Something had to give, for not everything had perfect structural integrity. Everything had a weakness, at least this was one of my Father's lessons. I slammed my whole body across the walls of the limousine, across the aisle I had crossed to get to this point. I know you're not in love. Eventually, one of the walls began cracking. I felt glass shards enter my body, but I ducked and rolled out of the fantastically huge limousine. The ground below me was also cracked, and I appeared before a desert. I saw the fate of the driver – they had bite marks all across their throat. To check myself before I wrecked myself, I licked my teeth. Yep, opium and chocolate pudding, fresh as could be. The driver was also a casualty. It was why Father Hel's voice rang into my skull, pondering what I was doing and why it was leading to death and mayhem. I felt remorse for killing only the driver; he probably was not complicit with my being drugged and dragged into the back of the limo. Or was he? How could I possibly discern? I just ran. I could hear the limousine explode in the background; it must have crashed into the mountainside, which I believed to be in Father Hel's turf. What did not belong to Father Hel? What did belong to Father Hel? Did any of this even matter? I live in a constant state of fear and misery, do you miss me anymore? And I don't even notice when it hurts anymore, anymore, anymore, anymore... How did this song get stuck in my head? It's not even the same one. Was this playing on the radio when I formed a trail of human blood in the limousine? Ugh, my everything hurts... Is this a hangover? No, this is worse. It has to be. I blame the opium. Everything feels so great when you have it, and then when you deprive yourself of it long enough you begin yearning for it even more. My body feels numb. My body is calling to get more of That Good Shit (TM). It misses being active, being free to roam around. I'm in great pain... please help me... I know you're not in love....
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Learned the Blind skill!
•  The ketucari attempts to take out the target's eyes.
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Learned the Rend skill!
•  The ketucari brutally rips at the target.
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Learned the Charming skill!
•  This ketucari has a small chance to encounter a wild ketucari during adventures.
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[Ketucari] Deep in the Tangle by CeriMond
Health Status: Knock Out!
Gold: 9 Gold
Gold from luck: 10 Gold
Stat Gains: 4 Willpower, 5 Cunning, 3 Cunning
Offering Returned: Canopic Jar
Your ketucari returned with a friend:
Sex: Female
Phenotype: Brown with
Shell, Sable
Feather Type: Smooth
Litter Gene: wwh"    

~ Noir
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