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Hello every one!

Here's a quick journal entry to speak about different things.
- I recently reached 200 watchers, and for that, thanks a looooooot to all of you!
- It's been a while, but maybe you remember my Snow Elf entry (…) to this contest…... And I finally got the third place! Thanks to Liancary-stock!
- Two of my tutorials have been featured: The John Reese digital portrait here…, and the 3D pirate model here…. Thanks a lot to the kind writers digitaldelights and tehanglescry, it's a great honor ^^! And I'm very happy that some of you guys find those tutorials useful :)
- Finally, you may have noticed I submit less art on DA... That's because I took a huge decision and I now work as an indie game developper. This eats a lot of my time, and I have less time to publish finished "just-for-fun" artwork. I keep practicing however, and I hope I'll be able to show you other stuff soon :) I will also try to propose tutorials about game creation. By the way, if you're interested in following/liking/testing/commenting my game activity, you may want to check the dev blog, or the facebook page…

Take care!

This is my first journal entry! I'll try not to write too much as I guess everybody has a lot to do.
First of all, thanks to everyone who faves/watches/comments, this really means a lot, and I really appreciate it :). A few of my deviations have now more than 100 favs! That's really nice from you all!
Second, for curious people, I've been interviewed here:… by Felizias (, who regularly presents new Deviants. You may learn about my artistic path and my painting philosophy. Thanks a lot to her!
Third, you may already have seen it, but I try to post walkthroughs as much as I can, because I learnt a lot by watching other artist process and I think it's my time to share my (few) knowledge. I hope this may help some of you.

That's all :) Thanks again to everybody, and see you next time, with a painting post I hope.