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A... not-so-quick painting (4h) in GIMP


It's hard to keep posting those while I develop my video game... But when I'm sick of it, I come back to painting :D This is my take on the Zelda series! For once I didn't use a very specific reference. I first wanted to work on composition... and this came out.


Thanks a lot for your time|fav|comments|watch! I'm sorry I don't always have time to answer :'(. But I read everything!

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one day I will get it...
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Hey, this is great art! Really love it. Do you mind if I share this in my FB gaming group? 
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Feels Like I'm the one who has to go save the kingdom. Really draws me in. I love it Heart 
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Holy crap! That's gorgeous!! :heart: :heart:
This looks really really good. I look forward to seeing more.
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For not being a specific reference, it sure looks like a scene from A Link to the Past.
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This is so beautiful 
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Thank you very much ^^
SyliaMew's avatar
No problem.
I really like it 

It was really neat.
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This is beautiful! :love: 
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Thanks a lot :)
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I had to google what you say to understand (I don't speak Welsh), but, sure, I guess there was some Excalibur inspiration in this :p Thanks for stopping by :)
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Caledfwlch was Exclibur's first given name and comes from Mabinogi, Zelda is heavily influenced by those stories, from the sword in stone to the story of 'Owain and the Lady of the Fountain' (or in other versions; lady of the lake) ;The great fairy fountain where she bestows you a gift, however Link and Navi are inspired by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Matou31's avatar
You sure know a lot about it :) Thanks for sharing all this ^^
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Your awsome work featuring on our Facebook Page Cover this month :D !
Keep up the wonderfull work !…
Matou31's avatar
Oh! Thanks a lot! That's cool :)
Kupahh's avatar
Keep up the good work :D
....I wanted to say something thoughtful, but the only that wants to come out is wow. So there it is. Wow.
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Thanks a lot mate :)
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