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Sand Tower

3h in Blender + Krita


Peace :)

Thanks a lot for your time|fav|comments|watch! I'm sorry I don't always have time to answer :'(.

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razvanc-r's avatar
I't s a pretty good start. There are a couple of problems with it, the building seems too small, compared to the girl, even if the girl is closer to the camera she still wouldn't be that large in comparison. And the composition itself could use some work, it isn't clear what's the focus, is it the girl? is it the tower? they're competing with each other. Foreground should be more darker, probably the guard in the back should also get some atmospheric perspective on him. This piece has great potential, keep at it! :)
Matou31's avatar
Yay! Thanks a lot for the feedback! That's very nice from you :) Now that you mention it, I can see the building is too small! That's so obvious! How could I miss it? Anyways, better luck next time :)
razvanc-r's avatar
No, not better luck, better preparation next time :P. Glad I could help!
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Yes, that's what I meant ;)