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How to create scene from Final Fantasy in Blender

By Matou31


Final render done in Blender in 16h+
Tutorial done in GIMP in 12h+

The second part of a very big tutorial explaining how I created my last deviation.
Crap! It seems this won't show up in full res! I guess you have to download it if you want to perfectly see all screenshots and parameters I used.

Final deviation here: [link]
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Your render is awesome and I'm curious to see your workflow. However, I couldn't get both Chrome & Crossbow (image viewer app on OSX) to load your tutorial (even after I save-link-as your file). My macbook froze instantly xD

It seems some people also having problem viewing it, so why don't you re-split them again and zip them all? I know it is a hassle so you don't need to just to fulfill my curiosity xD
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Hey! I just added a zip file here [link]
I hope it works better :)
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Thanks a lot :)
You're right, I think I will resplit them. However can I upload a zip file on Deviant art? Or do I have to upload it on another website and them put a link on deviant art?
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Looks great, faving so I can read it later when I'll get time for it. ;)
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Thanks! I hope you'll like it :)
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I liked it? I loved it!!! It was such a wonderful tutorial with lots of general tips that can be applied to any kind of 3D scenes I think. :) I was happy to see that you used some of the techniques that I'm already familiar with, but of course I have to say that I have learned a lot of new stuff as well. ;)

The stuff I should really study more is post-processing via the node editor. Okay, I get the basics, like Z-buffer, etc, I only need to work on it to have a more coherent overview at the topic. ^^

O and also, another thing I really liked is that you did not go into too much detail at each step. I hate those tutorials that cover really basic/mundane things, like how to add a cube, what modifiers are, how to move vertices, etc lol. Since you always clearly stated what tool you are using, anyone not familiar with it can Google it up.

Finally, I would like to ask you why you used the Blender Internal render engine. Was it because Cycles still lacks certain really important functions that are present in BI, or was it because of another reason?

Thanks a lot for this awesome tut. ^^
Matou31's avatar
Wow! Thank you some much for your awesome feedback! That's really nice to have your opinion on my tutorial. Your comment really made my day :D

I'm glad to see that you liked the way I presented stuff without too much details. Actually, I found out that details and parameter effects can easily be learnt from the doc. However, how to combine tools and effects to get what you want is a bit more tricky and the information is not that easy to find... That's why I tried to cover this aspect of 3D creation.

To answer you, I used the Blender Internal render engine mainly because I've been used to it for a long time and I didn't really learn Cycles yet. I alrealdy tried it of course but I was a bit disappointed with all the "noise" effect. But I heard that the latest version has greatly improved on that point. I should give it a try. But anyways, I'm not as confortable with Cycles as I am with BI and I don't feel like I could make a Cycles tutorial yet. And I think that by the time I made that picture, Cycles didn't provide the "hair particle" rendering option (but that's implemented now).

Thanks again for your feedback :)
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You are more than welcome, this tutorial really deserved it. :)

There are some tweaks one can make to speed up render time and reduce noise, but they are not so well known things, and most people hate tweaking rendering settings. :)
If interested, Andrew Price has a post about it: [link]
The comments are also a worth to read.

Yes you are right, hair strand rendering is only in the latest version, unfortunately Cycles lacks a lot of stuff, but with each version, it gets better and better. What I want the most is volumetric rendering. xD
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Thanks for the Andrew Price link. I have to keep it for the time when I 'll go deep into Cycles :)
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I can't see anything either. Full view is empty, and Download file doesn't work.
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Mmm... It seems to work for me, but I have to wait a bit/refresh. I think the file is so heavy that it sometimes crashes deviant art. I'm really confused about that. Maybe I'll try to upload lighter versions, but this will lower the quality of screenshots :(
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Full view is borked. :0(
Matou31's avatar
What means "borked"? (Sorry I am not an english native speaker). If you mean that it's not really readable, I agree! You sadly have to download it full size to have a nice quality... I am really disappointed about this :( I hoped it could be viewable in full size directly on deviant art :S
Maffoo's avatar
Sorry - I didn't think before I wrote it. "Borked" is internet-speak for "broken".
When I clici to get the larger image I just get a grey box and no image:0(
Matou31's avatar
OK, thanks for explaining, I'll try to remember ;) I'am very confused I don't have the problem... :( Have you tried with a different browser? I use last version of firefox (19.0) on Win 7 64 bits, if this may help... Have you tried to reload the page?
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i think it works just needed to wait for it to load..
Matou31's avatar
OK Thanks for your feedback :)
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wow, okay this looks amazing, like seriously amazing.
Matou31's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
funvampiremihihou's avatar
you're welcome, and thank you so much for the Llama badge!
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