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Cloud Making Of

By Matou31
The making of of my last drawing "Cloud". If you're interested in making ofs, I've got one for each of my drawings in my gallery, for example: [link], [link] or [link].

5h in GIMP.

Final version here: [link]

Meme of my 16 year old drawing here: [link]
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it's great tut. And I have a question. How you made a specular effects on armor? It looks amazing.
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Thanks a lot for your nice comment :)
For the specular effect, I used a simple "splatter" brush with a light color (I think it was pure white here). This is very useful to create many little light dots at the same time. The trick (in GIMP at least) is NOT to use a "continuous" brush, but rather a sparse one, that is to say a brush which doesn't make a stroke every millisecond when you paint, but only one or two times per second. This gives the "chaotic" dot feel.
And of course, you have to play with the tablet pen pressure to have a good blend. I hope it helps :)
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Actually, the coloring part is rather simple: I add a layer on top of my painting in mode "color". I fill it with a base color (here a grey-blue), and then I start coloring on in this layer. The thing is that color contours don't need to be very accurate because the human eye perceive a lot better value than color. Furthermore, in the real world, color tends to blend between objects that are near to each other. So color contours may be a bit "loose", and still the painting holds quite good. Hope that helps :) May be I'll make more in depth tutorials in the future.
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Thanks a lot :)
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