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Applejack windows 7 theme



The last windows 7 theme for the summer.. i present to you Applejack the last of the mane 6 (check my profile to find the rest), Now what happens now? as for that question i will continue creating themes but at a slower pace because of school and work. Also ive been planing to "expand" the theme file and skin more parts of the OS (MAKE IT MORE PONIFIED!!!!). I will also be on Deviantart daily so its not like im inactive! anyway I hope you enjoy this theme but be warned its really orange XD.

Running into problems? or have a question? check out this link for common concerns and question : [link]

To use this theme it is really simple:

1. Download and install Uxtheme multi patcher

2. restart you're computer

3. Extract the files provided onto the desktop and place them in the directory "C:WindowsResourcesThemes".

4. Right click on you're desktop, Go into personalize and you will find the theme ready to be applied.

5. if youre computer theme becomes gray, please reinstall UXtheme multipatcher and restart youre computer.

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what software did you use?  Just PS?