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DXMD - Golem City Market

Concept Art for the upcoming Game Deus Ex - Mankind Divided
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Rob-Cavanna's avatar
Gorgeous. Knew immediately it was from DE:MD before ready the caption. The design of those games is always amazing. 
Nekropirate's avatar
Get any inspiration from Blade Runner? This is awesome!!
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Yesss! Blade Runner was one of our main reference on Deus ex! 
kheng's avatar
wow love the detail!
velilein's avatar
i cannot wait, this looks awesome!
gyappumusoka's avatar
The whole atmosphere is incredible and feels real. The little details you've added like the water buckets, and steam make it even more amazing.
MatLatArt's avatar
I'm glad you took the time to notice these details! Thanks :)
jarredspekter's avatar
SO happy this is happening! :excited:
MatLatArt's avatar
Me too! I can't wait to play the finished game myself ;)
BenHarrisArt's avatar
Love the little touches like the buckets being used to catch leaking water, goes a long way to making the scene look like part of a real place.
MatLatArt's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
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