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new space work. make for the magazine: (spanish :D!) 

this is a representation of the videogame destiny, its my first space ships inspired by bungie designs i hope u like it :D!
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This reminds me of the times I tried to launch myself into space with firecrackers. SPOILER: It didnt go out so well.
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Great, cool and awesome!!! :0
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Wonderful :) I love Sci-Fi ;) (Ps: Od from Star Wars?)
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Ahhh, que lindo! Me hace pensar en el Freelancer Online, que juego tan divertido! :D
Matkraken's avatar
F.O? cual es ese? ya es hora que juegues al dragon age!!
Graveyard-Keeper's avatar… acá se ve algo... No se por que le puso esa musica al video :confused: para mi no va con el mood...

Lo voy a descargar cuando termine con la facu, que me falta muy poco!
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i might be wrong but that kinda look like the ship from star fox
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or I'm just being stupid. by the way, this is amazing! very trippy lol
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Wow, amazing.
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SpOiLeR - That's no moon.
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Really nice artwork.
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wow, this is a really nice picture, i love it.
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amaaaazing color. so beautiful.
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 Wow, that is a great job indeed. And the ship itself has a very neat and clean design.

 Keep it up with the amazing work!

Edit: Would you make more pics with this ship? like other angles? :) .
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nice work, great nebula :thumbsup: ;)
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Great and planet looks awesome :)
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