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Enoha Koinose

By matildarose
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Watercolor, prismacolor, ink, white gouache, 8.5 x 11

Full view is recommended~

Finally. This took forever. It's not purely watercolor, as I had to correct some things in Photoshop with skin tone and so on, but the dragon is entirely watercolor and ink- there's a touch of white here and there from white gouache and some white prismacolor.

My niece had to help me get pictures of the koi that modeled for the reference pictures I used- she threw the koi pellets and I took pictures.
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This is great!! I love it very much!
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Thank you! I'm hoping to do an updated version soon.
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Beautiful! I really like this one!
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Aww, Enoha. <3 I think having a giant fishdragon for a Persona is right and proper, even if it makes me sad to think of Inohiko. :(

And I agree with punctuatedequilibria, it is an excellent callback to Strength.
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I like the callback to the Strength card proper.
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This is so incredibly pretty! I love your watercolor work! Was this inspired by a specific story?

Your niece must have been super helpful! :D
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Sort of. Ever since I got into college I've neglected to do any artwork about stuff I do in my offtime. XD

The woman in the picture is a mild-mannered bookstore clerk. However, she's been through a lot of hard knocks in life, which she shoulders with a strong will. The place I play her at is a world where certain traits of a person can become guardian spirits, so hers is a koi-dragon-fish thing, due to the symbolism of carp being stubborn and hard-working in Asian culture. XD
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That sounds like a neat story, and I hope you continue it! I would definitely read it, it's not like I love cool characters, fish, or dragons at all. Nope, not me! Not at all!

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haha. It's more of a roleplay I do with others, rather than a story.
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