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Alucard-Castlevania III

By MatiasSoto
Hi! This illustration features a re-design I've made just yesterday for the character Alucard, from the Castlevania video-game Series, particullary Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, that was the first game featuring him .

I decided making sort of a mixture between the design Ayami Kojima did for the SOTN version and the classic Nes design; hope you digg it!


Buenas! Esta ilustración plantea un re-diseño q hice ayer del personaje Alucard, de la serie de Video-juegos Castlevania, particularmente Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, que fue el primer juego en el que hizo aparición.

Decidí hacer una especie de mezcla entre el diseño en el estilo de lo que hizo Ayami Kojima con el para el SOTN y el del original del juego de Nintendo; espero lo disfruten!
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Awesome, hopefully we’ll see the colorized version of this soon!
Espero que los creadores de la Serie de Netflix vean tu diseño y lo utilicen para la temporada 3.

La verdad es tremendo.
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Muchas gracias!
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excellent.. but black, dark hair ;)
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I was going for a mixture between his looks on CVIII and SotN, hence the white hair and sword.
And thanks!
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Muy bueno! Felicidades!
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Dude! You should TOTALLY DRAW this version of Sonia Belmont: [link]

Your artwork would grace her well. ^_^
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this is so cool!!!!
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no problem i really like it tthough becuasei love castlevania
This was a good idea! It's a cool picture. Personally I think it would have been better if you'd left him weaponless ('cause that's what he was at the time) but that's just my opinion. Then again, I think we can assume he was capable of wielding a sword back then. And one might even be able to say that he carried a sword and simply chose not to use it. None of that really matters, though. I'm just over thinking it! I like the picture :D. Very cool pose.
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Thank you!
I dunno for sure because it was a long time ago since I made this,but I guess I just wanted to draw him with the sword =P(lame excuse I know). I remember that I loved the idea of him using various swords and other weapones and shields in CV:SOTN :) My brother(another CV fan) help me with this one posing for the ref. pic. , it was really helpful to get Alucard in character :)
Okay I wish I had worded that differently. It would be cool if, say in another picture, he was unarmed like he originally was. But this is really cool too! :D :D
What is it with spelling "Dracula" backwards that seemed so clever?
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:shrug: Who knows?
But for what I read the origin of the Alucard spelling comes from an old movie, still in CV that's just a nick name his true name is Adrian Farenheit Tepes.
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wow!! me encanta!!
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He looks more like Dracula. His face... it's so soulless...
Anyways looks great!
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Alucard did have short hair in 3 but long hair in SOTN Which he looks better with Long hair
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se ve bien a su estilo, TIENES TALENTO! SIGUE ASI!
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Muchas gracias :)
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