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Ellis Island

By matiasromero
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Fennecs by ~Tsukoyomi and ~ChrysocyonFrax.
Lighthouse by ~obsidianstock.
Hydrant by *paintresseye.
Grass by ~ashzstock.
Waves by ~redheadstock.
All other elements shot by Ray Trasso aka ~raytra.

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From the series Port Forsaken.
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Very rich image. I feel this world reaching out and pulling me there. Beautiful colors. Your blending of surreal life into the mix with dimension and believe-ability is accomplished with great skill.

I am fascinated by this art form. How to select from the thousands of images and pull them together, takes a gift.

In my traditional art I am challenged just to decide on composition of the simplest nature. How to crop a face, what kind of background. I worked on a drawing today that will be a first for me. I am taking one of our dA models faces, and giving her a period hair style and just a little random doodling in the background.

I'm still borrowing on the styles of other artists, but it is a step past my previous creativity.

Your creativity has a depth of imagination and intellectual intrique.

Always love to be a part of it.

mel :floating:
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I am still impressed how dramatic a role perspective played in the composition of Ellis Island. To pave the streets I had gone for a preset solution from Photoshop (a pebble "seamless" texture) but decided to set out for something bigger and started toying with grass and working with masks, hiding parts of the curb so that grass semed to be over it in a more controlled way and do the same for the hydrant you lent me, cloning the pavement around it to make it seem buried in it. Small pieces of cloned pixels to help settle the objects like yours to the ground (what I think is the greatest challenge of them all - making objects really seem they are there). Shading was another tricky part of it; maybe this is my most complex and difficult work to date.

As you as a traditional artist I do borrow everyone's styles, just because the styles are in the images they fix digitally for us to see (and recombine). What you see in the end is a complex sum of my look and all the photographers' look as in a mosaic. It is hard to tell how deep you can go on customizing the image until it is effectively yours and not the original photographers anymore and frankly I don't make much of an issue of it. I like to use images unchanged in most of the cases. I never manipulate an image or element too exaustively, because I have to let its original look shine through. Because I do think it should and so it does. So fixing that issue digitally is an important step in creating digital art. Everything else comes from colecting the images, so you do half the job. We work in collaboration with or without our knowing sometimes.

An imaginative photographer like you will always be a part of anything creative happening around you. I have told you, it is like a curse. :)
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This was fascinating. I know that sounds like a strong, emotional word, but it was,,,

... to learn a little of your process. [Since I haven't gotten around to making anything with photoshop type processes]...

It has just been obvious that your skill was exceptional.

I like your thoughts about the collaboration of art.

Thanks for comment about my photography. AND, I am fighting that creative thing immensely right now. I must stop !! sketching new ideas, and PAINT, N O W...or I am going to be very disappointed with the show I am preparing for.

I have enough now finished and framed, ready to go. As much as most people would do. But I want to have a few brand new things that I am still excited about. After one of my paintings has been around a while, I'm bored with it. Another part of the creativity engine, perhaps. But this creativity gift does require some conscious effort or it takes charge. It is a wonderful gift, but a terrible "administrator" of life [creativity].

These new paintings I'm just starting should reflect the influence dA has had on me. And, I'm especially excited to finally get to use some of the models.
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Can't wait for you to tell me how you fared at the exhibition. Great you've been drawing so much inspiration from DA; this is still a place for inspiration even after all these years and even with all of those trendy moods like anime that have become rife here. Success always (whatever your conception of success is)!
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Hello Matias, Like your new icon very much.

I've been so busy playing with picnik software over in my traditional account, I've been ignoring this account completely.

Good point "whatever your conception of success is"...

I worked hard and did my best. Many of my friends came by to enjoy and show support. The whole town was a mob scene, so the fund-raiser was a great succes. My gallery remained "squeeze through room only" all night.

These things rarely bring any sales to the artists. The people who come, most of them every month, just get out to party and celebrate art in general. It is fun to live in such a place. St. Augustine is a tourist town, and probably known to some small extent as an art colony.

I sold a print the night of the opening. I haven't even checked back with them to see if there has been any interest or sales. My expectationss are not high for that part of it.

It mostly gets your art and name out there so you are seen as a "real" artist, because you do exhibits and galleries want your work.

I do hope some of the people who signed my guest book at the gallery will be future contacts.

I have set up a redbubble gallery, which is much easier to explain how to get to, for purchasing, compared to dA. And redbubble has a live feed connection, so my stuff runs through facebook. I rarely visit facebook. It isn't my "game" ~ all the mundane chatter and farmville type stuff. I've ignored a lot of friend requests. WHO are those people? Haaa

I don't enjoy games all that much. I'd rather look at or be making art! And I already spend 22 hours a day typing to people in dA. :faint: Slight exaggeration, but not by much.

I haven't gone out there, "pounding the pavement" = American saying, to drag people into my redbubble gallery to pressure them to buy from me. I might work on it some. I have a comfortable life. I could of course find ways to spend more money, but I'm most interested in *enjoying* living, vs. *making* a living.

I don't know how much my English might be testing your patience. You are always very fluent. This is a word I made up: God-incidences

They occur all the time, to keep my daily bread showing up, always on time. I don't believe in coincidences.
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I love the atmosphere of what you call an art colony. Make me feel enthusiastic, see a whole community engaged in art or at the very least picture one myself. Great to hear the event was nice. Keeping expectations low helps too; whatever comes is profit just because you weren't expecting it to come to begin with.

I do agree with the part of "getting your art and name out there" as you say. If you want to contact people you got to make yourself available. Got to cover them with your art and that's the worst part for me. I can't sell a thing. Was never willing to pester someone so they take a look at my things or stuff. But I'm slowly starting to do the same as you do and getting the word on the streets to see what happens this time. No more putting things away in the drawer, it's time they saw the light of day. Just to see what happens this time.

You'd be (in my view) a real artist, no quotes, even if you weren't to do everything you do with art. Your very insight of the things you see is artistic. The way you word it and the meaning that shines through. You got this sensitiveness and all else follows: it all must end in art. Or never end at all. All the best with present and future endeavors.

Your English is a pleasure to read and I did enjoy your God-like pun.
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