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Deep Space

Brushes made from NASA imagery. Visit their site at

Terms Of Use:

1. Don't upload it elsewhere claiming it is yours.
2. No racist, homophobic, paedophilic, hatred works from this imagery.
3. Send me a link, I always love to see what's being done with this imagery.
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Thanks for it.. Using it at the moment here.. Still not finished but in its way [link]
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it goes, "content unavailable at the moment" :(
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Letting you know I used your your brushes in this piece: [link]

Thank you for the great work. They were perfect!
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3,621 DLs? If all of these people decided to comment it would be hell to scroll down this page...
beautiful brushes. Thank you for sharing.
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:iconnewglomp: Used your stock here; thanks for sharing such nice resources! :hug:
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Wow, amazing brushes! I used one on this picture [link] . Thank you very much! :aww:
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I used this stock here [link]
Thank you so much!! :hug:
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Thanks for using and collecting my stock, lady!
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de nada!! jajajajaja!!!!!!
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Cool. I used here: [link]

hope you like it! :D
Thanks for sharing this
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Oh I did like it as you'll see (or have seen, lol).
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just what i was searching for :D

thx going to use it :P

wait for a link ;P
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lookin good..

they work for CS2, too, right?

well, guess i'll find out.. just gotta find something to use them for.
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I'm a bit lost for these things of backward compatibility, I hope you can use them. :)
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hm.. looks like they don't.. at least i can't get them to. that sucks.
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nevermind, they DID work after i restarted my Ps..
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Ah, nice you told me, I just happened to miss this follow-up, nice to learn they worked out in the end. :nod:
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