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easy vexel

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Published: May 13, 2007
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I discovered a way to vexel faster. I wanted to vexel but normally it takes 4 hours to vexel a photo with the pen tool. I've never finished on so I experimented and discovered an easy way to vexel a photo. It took me 1 hour instead of 4. I don't know if this has already been discovered, probably it is but I don't care. It's my first tutorial and I'm proud of it.

EDIT: I adjusted the title because this ain't no vector. I should have done this before but I'm just too lazy. Every word in this text is changed to vexel and I don't even know if I can use that as a verb :D
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geo-almightyStudent Digital Artist
Awesome tutorial mate,seems very helpful!Thank you for sharing (: +fav
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do this apply if I want my vexel in colored?
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Then I suggest the cutout filter in photoshop and use the pen tool on everything to make it smoother, you can also not use the pen tool but then the borders are rugged and it's no work then, so no feeling of success :D
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lovely totu thank you :)
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your photoshop doesnt have the pen tool? LOL

what version is that? LOL 0.1?
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it has the pen tool but this is "The easy and short way" If I'd do this with my pen tool it would take twice the time or even longer.
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This is awesome =D
thanks a load, my photoshop doesn't have/has hidden the pen tool so this was just what I needed ^^
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That was a great tutorial, thanks
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CherryflipHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing toturial!!! :clap:
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thanks man. I'm really having succes with this tutorial. I didn't expect this. All tthe rest of my pics don't get many comments. It seems that it's time to make another one
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Nice Tutorial :)
BTW: The Prodigy rulz ;)
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you got that right :D
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liquidchild101 Interface Designer
hi, do you know if there is any way that you can import the picture in to illlurstrator and just do a trace or somthing. im only starting on illlur, hence the comment
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I don't use illustrator, I maybe used it once or twice so I don't know. Sorry but thanks for the comment.
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Sasha-MelraiStudent Digital Artist
Its good, but it isn't a vector.

"Vector art consists of creating paths and points in a program such as Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, [Inkscape] and Flash. These programs keep track of the relationships between these points and paths. Every time the image is scaled, the paths are regenerated: this creates images that are infinitely scalable without degradation.

Art that contains both vector and raster art shoud not be submitted to the vector gallery as it is not entirely a vector. Art of this nature should be submitted to the Digital Art > Vexel gallery.

Raster art comes into play when using any brushes, filters, blending options (drop shadows, filters, glows, etc). Basically, any major post work you do in Photoshop other than creating paths using the pen tool and unsimplified shapes makes your vector a raster. Adding frames, watermarks, making color corrections and any other small postwork in Photoshop does not make your vector a raster. However, adding photographic elements to the image also makes it a raster image regardless of whether it was made in a vector program. The images made in raster programs and those that contain photographic elements are called vexels. "

From :iconvectorlovers:
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Ok then it isn't a vector but I'm not a professional so I can make mistakes.

(BTW: it looks like vector, is that right or am I wrong about that too)

Thanks for the correction, now I know something more.
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Sasha-MelraiStudent Digital Artist
I know you can make mistakes. I didn't know in the beginning either :)
Just thought I'd help :)

And it does look like a vector :)
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nice tutorial man and im waitin the next one ;)
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thanks a bunch mate
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