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Post omnis, Nature commoror.

(After all, nature remains)

this is a post apocalyptic art nouveau inspired design.
We have to think about the world we want to live tomorrow. If we want to let a legacy for our children, we must not mistreat the planet. We must think as one, together with nature

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Great again, in every way.
With the new year less than 30 hours away, I humbly request a sequel to this to be put on threadless! 
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Note taken! But how could i do a sequel of a post apocalyptic theme?
something-one's avatar
Lovely lovely lovely!
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This is my favorite piece of art, period. I wanted the shirt on threadless, then forgot about it, and now have searched forever trying to find who drew it, or a picture so I can look at it again. Now I found it, and I'm super happy!
mathiole's avatar
yay! That's awesome! I like this one too, maybe i should do a sequel
hold0fast's avatar
I want this as a tattoo :heart: :blushes:
AllisexNicolexNoble's avatar
I got this shirt from threadless, just wore it yesterday! Great design it's one of my favorites.
Adhago's avatar
curte la :)
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Just bought this design on Threadless, it is truly beautiful. With an important message to boot.
n-th-green's avatar
ahh, I definitely want it hanging above my bed. or on my room's door.
wonderful stylization, and with an important message!
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This is so amazing. It'd be a great poster!
AwesomeCarrot's avatar
Ah the feeling in this picture is amazing! ♥
I love the faded coloring and decapitated tree, and the composition is just the kind I like.
rocks-eagles-hats's avatar
This is just stunning, and also my favorite shirt on Threadless. You nailed the art nouveau style, and the colors are gorgeous. I hope Threadless reprints this soon.
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thanks! glad you liked! =)
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