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October 4, 2010
Alternate ending by ~mathiole is melody of joy, peace and beauty. Enjoy this gorgeous artwork and its good vibrations!
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Alternate ending

Every end is a new beginning!

A different outcome for my previous design, End

Print available here

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Douglster's avatar
That is epic .
Helamat's avatar
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cranenoir's avatar
really nice on this :)
Jolieluv17's avatar
I agree, good concept :) but the main feature looks like a colourful tree and also the mushroom cloud..
Iskander1989's avatar
amazing concept, colors and meaning! congrats!
Adhago's avatar
trabalho divulgado na 4a parte da nossa retrospectiva 2012 =)
WangJundu's avatar
And a very good imagination too
WangJundu's avatar
Wonderful concept
ShmoopiesRevenge's avatar
I've probably commented on this before but I'm going to again. I usually am not too fond of digital art but this is just beyond beautiful. I was going through my favorites, sorting things into categories and this stood out most out of 8 pages of deviations I sorted through.
mathiole's avatar
wow thanks! This is actually a mix between digital and traditional media. Its one of my favorite pieces too!
RainingWolfs's avatar
This just put a smile on my face :)
Rasa13's avatar
Rasa13's avatar
wow. damn. very niice man! <3
Rasa13's avatar
WillGArt's avatar
would make an awesome t shirt :D
T-funny33's avatar
wonderful picture :)
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