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Sketchy icons

------Some icons made today , for your pleasure madam and for your pleasure sir .
I d'like to create a deviant art users portraits icon pack. If you are interested by this idea and if you want to be in it, send me photo !

If you have some problem or critics or ideas about other icons i can create , tell me !
I hope you will enjoy them ------
© 2005 - 2021 mathilde
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Cool! Can I use these icons for the development of my program?
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you're on this site, did you know that?…
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Sweet :) I'm using them :)
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They are excellent.
I LOVE THEM! Can you make a sketchy google chrome, after effects and adobe audition? Pleaaase o:)
Friggin love these!
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ah i think i have to change my mind haha, just saw that it is .ico : )
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May I use it for my office ads?
It lovely nice and match theme in what im working
( It quite a small prom. ads )

Thanks anyway for lovely sketchy icons
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat !!!
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very cute, thanks!
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Hi Mathilde, I was wondering if you were available to work on a commissioned set of icons that I would like designed for my website. I was looking for a set of around 20. Cheers Nat
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hey there mathilde , if its not to much to ask but could you upload it in zip file , please ? lol , the rar. turned to a doc instead.
Very nice icon set indeed! Congrats for your work! I was wondering, is it possible for me to have the PNG's, hence use these icons in a website I design? Thank you!
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Can you give me the icons in PNG format at the largest size you have? I need them please
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I have the perfect wallpaper for these icons! Thanks for creating them!
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Really nice set. I love unique icons and these are so well done and characteristic. Love them!
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This is one of the bests icon packs in dA!
Love them! If you don't mind we would like to use the arrows for our online still works gallery that we are developing at this moment.
Thanks in advance!!
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