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by mr-redx

Physique has definetly changed since you have last mentioned her. I can definitely see she has grown a bit, which is great. Most regula...

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Ben 10: Alien Ascension [PROMOTIONAL POSTER] by Mathilda-Young123 Ben 10: Alien Ascension [PROMOTIONAL POSTER] :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 9 8 Toon Squad Rival(s)/OCs: A.R.T. Patrol by Mathilda-Young123 Toon Squad Rival(s)/OCs: A.R.T. Patrol :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 11 2 Governess by Mathilda-Young123 Governess :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 7 8 Saurain's Bashful Side by Mathilda-Young123 Saurain's Bashful Side :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 5 8 Sara Normal's Little Goth Tea Party by Mathilda-Young123 Sara Normal's Little Goth Tea Party :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 16 9 Toonman 80 PG. Giant by Mathilda-Young123 Toonman 80 PG. Giant :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 10 4 Demigod Villain/OC: Eris by Mathilda-Young123 Demigod Villain/OC: Eris :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 12 2 Astroknight Villain/OC: Eclipse-Bringer by Mathilda-Young123 Astroknight Villain/OC: Eclipse-Bringer :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 9 2 Physique Ally/OC: Majestic by Mathilda-Young123 Physique Ally/OC: Majestic :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 10 3 All-American OC/Ally: Patriot Woman by Mathilda-Young123 All-American OC/Ally: Patriot Woman :iconmathilda-young123:Mathilda-Young123 6 2 All-American OC/Villain: Thunder-Head by Mathilda-Young123
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Ben 10: Alien Ascension [PROMOTIONAL POSTER]

An all-new project I plan to work on!

I've been an avid fan of Ben 10 for as long as I could remember, watching nearly every episode I could whenever I got the chance. It was one of the few superhero shows that wasn't based on a comic, really showing how innovative and original it was.

Now, I'm not against the reboot, nor am I interested in it. Yes, the comedy is a bit lowbrow and the art style leaves some things to be desired. But I see why they made this show as a reboot, as Ben 10 ran for so long and some young viewers couldn't keep up with it's lore and history. And it has some good ideas, like giving Ben a Chimera Sui Generis alien in his omnitrix.

Nevertheless, the reboot pretty much marked the end of an era for action/superhero cartoons.

But, well, being eager fan that I am, I've decided to start a series of Ben 10 fanfictions I'll be making. The writing style will be simplistic, as to shorten time and quicken progress. Which will pick up immediately where Omniverse left off;

Ben Tennyson is back, going on an intergalactic roadtrip with his best colleagues after seeing the creation of the universe. Rook, his by-the-book plumber partner. Gwen, his anodite cousin. And Kevin, one of his best friends and ex-con. But, four new prominent threats arise in space that could very well spell doom for the entire universe. With all new aliens, villains, and adventures, Ben will have the most epic quest as it becomes hero time once again!

Dedicated to Dwayne McDuffie

Ben 10 © Man of Action, Cartoon Network
In no way do I own the rights to Ben 10. However, this this is not infringing due to fair use of the aforementioned copyright work. This is a non-profit derivative work project meant only for entertainment purposes.
Toon Squad Rival(s)/OCs: A.R.T. Patrol
Meet the Animated Response Team Patrol, A.R.T. Patrol!

In the world of animation, realms reside in which these characters coexist. A group known as the Toon Squad formed under the ideals of Renaissance cofounder, and leader of Toon Squad, Tom Foolery/Toonman. But, with the integration of Toontopia into the U.S., the government had quite the idea. With prominent supervillains rising from left to right, their defenses against toon villains especially were little to none. A program was made to rectify this, one that would give the government a Toon Squad of their own. After speaking with the Toontopia embassy, it was decided that the government couldn't make their own characters, but instead recruit already existing toons with permission. In no time at all, the A.R.T. Patrol assembled. Although, they aren't exactly buddy-buddy with the Toon Squad. Nevertheless, they fight crime of all shapes and sizes!

Team Roster:

Anikid ( Team Leader / Chi Energy Manipulator )

Deep in the reaches of the universe, resided a realm known as the Anime-World. In it, inhabited various anime characters, in every size and shape. In their sky, stars were beyond plentiful. But, one star in-particular was not like the rest, not in the slightest. Instead, that one star acted as an egg, holding an unborn child within it. During a meteor shower, the star fell down to the realm's surface, realesing the boy inside. He made a small home for himself, and went by the name Aiko. The child was an orphan and an outcast, no parents to his name, and shunned for not traditionally coming from an anime. However, the boy felt a presence within him, a sense something bigger than him, greater than the universe itself, would one day come to threaten all that exists. Because of this, Aiko trained rigourously day and night, finding that he barely required sleep or food for sustainance, breathing only his vigorous training. Aiko found he had many powers and abilites through this, creating energy blasts with only his will to summon them. Yet, he was lonesome still, despite being a great fighter. Hoping to gain help in his training, to possibly hone his abilities, he asked this assistance from Mason. But Aiko was denied, told that no one so "weak" could ever match up to Mason's immeasurable power. Nevertheless, Aiko continued on with his training. One day, a strange figure known as the KeyMaster appeared before his very home, claiming to choose the new apprentice to a hero from ToonTopia who has changed his course and his mischievous ways, slightly. KeyMaster looked to Aiko, and set a smile on his face, about to say something to him. Suddenly, Animeson jumped forth, going through the portal to the comic universe the KeyMaster summoned. Trying to pursue him, or at least warn ToonTopia's champion, he teleported away. Aiko was met with dissapointment once more, and headed to his abode. But, once there, he found the portal beside his own bed. Aiko was skeptical of this, mostly due to KeyMaster's hasty retreat. Months passed, and Aiko still did not enter the portal. But, after much thought, he ran right through it. In an instant, he was in the comic universe. Again a stranger, he tried to look for the hero the KeyMaster spoke of. But instead, found ToonTopia itself. While at first confused, he was soon approached by two government agents that came out from the integrated realm, asking if he wanted to join a group of interest made up of animated figures such as himself. Finally finding a guidance of sorts in life, Aiko accepted, and dawned a new identity. While he is unaware and estranged from his mentor, he leads the A.R.T. Patrol as... Anikid!

- Chi Energy Blasts: Anikid is able to create energy blasts from chi. These can actually inflict real pain on animated characters, regardless of their specified physics. There are different forms of these depending on their shade of color. Blue is small bursts, just as big as Anikid's fist, which is his go-to-blast despite it having the lowest energy. Green is slightly larger bursts, which circle around Anikid and act as shields for him. Red is the most dangerous, a blast so massive and powerful that it's the size of a small island, which really wears Anikid out and could very well kill him, which is why he only uses it in the most dire of emergencies, especially since a red blast is unstoppable and never stops going once it's bursted out.
- Acrobatics: Anikid is a prodigious natural athlete and master acrobat, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills.
- Martial Arts: Anikid is a hand to hand combat fighter and master of several martial arts. His fighting style has an emphasis on Aikido and Eskrima.
- Anikid is the prophesied sidekick to Toonman, even though no one but the KeyMaster and Primordials knows this.

Blammo ( Team Wildcard / Explosives Expert )

Back in the late 30s, cartoons were finally given life in the silver screen. They came by the dozens, from funnies to tradgedies, coming in all shapes and sizes. One of which was Saul the Dog, a spunky and mischievous troublemaker who always got himself into a pickle. However, his cartoons in-particular weren't selling as well as the others in the box office. They couldn't stop the production for them since the studio already ordered twenty more shorts. So instead, they drew up a partner for Saul, Bella the Cat. While she was originally just intended for eye candy, their target audience took an unexpected turn, as young women actually adored and admired the new character. Bella's spunky and moxy drove dozens of female fanatics in, as admirable female cartoon characters were scarce at the time. Eventually, she had a hundred times more popularity than her boyfriend ever did. But, the studio executives demanded she be set to the sidelines, as their target audiences was boys and boys alone. With that, Bella was practically written out of all of the shorts entirely. The number of people attending to see these shorts dwindled by the dozens from day to day, until nobody was showing up anymore. The studio went bankrupt before they could reach their prime. But Bella was given new life in the realm of Toontopia, a place where all cartoon characters of shapes and sizes lived. While Bella wanted to explore, Saul's infamous wandering eye got the best of him and he went off to the bar to get acquainted with the dames. Bella saw this as the last straw, promptly dumping Saul and kicking him in the kiwis so hard he blasted off to the moon. With her boyfriend gone, she inherited all of his belongings, which was mostly prank equipment and knicknacks. Except for his explosives collection, which consisted of bombs of all variety. With nothing better to do, she fiddled around with them, training herself in the art of bombjitsu. Her craft was honned in only a matter of days. She mastered it so well that she was able to control explosoins by will. When the government came to offer her a place in the A.R.T. Patrol, she couldn't refuse. Now with her array of explosives, she has been aptly dubbed... Blammo!

- Rubberhose Cartoon Physiology: Due to being a toon, Blammo has been given the ability to stretch and squah to her heart's content.
- Explosion Inducement: Blammo has the power to take the potential energy stored in an object and convert it to kinetic energy thus charging that item with explosive results.
- Explosives Expert: Blammo has extensive knowledge in all things involving explosions.
- Infinite Bombs: Thanks to being a toon, Blammo can summon any number of bombs from thin-air or off-screen.
- Blammo has a tendency to go overboard with things, taking a very fond liking to explosions.

Saturn Daymorn ( Team Tank / Swordswoman )

In the late 80s, Hanna Barbera was churning out cartoons as fast as they could. The animation industry wasn't exactly booming, what with the plentiful budget cuts, but it still had some personal wins. Hanna Barbera produced such shows as Space Ghost and Birdman. They wanted a new show that combined medevil themes and galactic futurism. The result of this was Saturn Daymorn. In this action-packed galactic thriller, the titular Saturn Daymorn uses her incredible abilities to fight against the planetary conquerer known as Count Stellar. Every time she put together her bracelets of power, she would become a humongous giant of epic proportions. Sadly, production of the show ended before it could start, as Hanna Barbera was having trouble scraping up money as it was. But, like all toons, Saturn was taken to the plane of existence known as Toontopia. There, she extended her training, utilizing her swordsmanship and superhuman abilities even more than before. When the government came to recruit her, she accepted in a heartbeat. Now she fights the forces of evil forevermore as... Saturn Daymorn!

- Muscle Inducement: By putting the bracelets of power together, Saturn can gain the size and strength of a behemoth. With this, she receives near godlike, unstoppable superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability. Though, her intelligence level shrinks down as this occurs, so brute force is all she knows in this state. Her height/stature does not increase, but her muscle mass does.
- Swordswomanship: Saturn is skilled and trained in the ways of the blade.
- Saturn is actually quite timid and sincere, while her other form is dullard and witless.

Hotshot ( Team Elememtalist / Actress )

Way back in the late to early 90s, it seemed cartoons were getting a fresh new start, a whole new generation being created with them. One such show was Shortoons, a collection of brand new and inventive shorts produced to later be made into a full-on show. Some did fairly well, but nothing like Chill Jill. This short starred the titular timid character herself, a woman made of ice who lived in the arctic and surfed on icecaps while going on her own misadventures. In no time at all, she was given her own show. When hearing of this news, she was absolutely ecstatic, and something strange occurred within her. Her icy physiology melted into a humanoid tan body. Not only that, but her powers changed as well, now bestowed with the ability to control solar flames. But, this changed her in the real world as well, making her model sheets and cells completely different. With the sudden change, the production was compromised and had to be cancelled before airing. Despite this, Chill Jill, now going by Hotshot, was still happy as could be. She was still super popular in Toontopia and had a major ego boost. But even when Toontopia was made a part of the comic world, she still felt like she needed a big debut, one of which she couldn't afford. That's where the government came in. Once accepting her recruitment in A.R.T. Patrol, her fame skyrocketed. Her ego may be big as a star, but her heart is made of gold. Watch out, world, because here comes... Hotshot!

- Solar Emission: Hotshot can create, shape and manipulate all aspects of a sun, starting from its immense heat, luminosity, mass/gravitational field, magnetic field, raw nuclear energy and reaction, etc.
- Pathokinesis: She can sense and manipulate the emotions, including feelings, moods and their affects, of herself, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling emotions, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level. Emotions have been described as discrete and consistent responses to internal or external events which have a particular significance for the organism. They are brief in duration and consist of a coordinated set of responses, which may include verbal, physiological, behavioral, and neural mechanisms. In addition, relationships exist between emotions, such as having positive or negative influences, with direct opposites existing. The contrasting and categorization of emotions describes how emotions are thought to relate to each other.
- Hotshot's ego is as big as a sun.

The Raider ( Team Second-In-Command / Royal Prince / Master Thief )

Late in the 1980s, Walt Disney productions began to think up quite the concept. While they had a various array of princesses in their midst, not a single prince was given their own movie. To remedy this, Prince Escanor was created. He was of royal blood, born to a noble king and queen. But, his mother died in child-birth, so it was up to his father to raise him. However, after the death of his wife, he became overprotective of his son, not allowing him to step foot off the kingdom. Escanor grew to resent his father for this, practically wanting nothing to do with him. He would sneak out at night and go out at the village, acting as a simple farmer named Edward. One night, a group of pilferers came onto the tavern he was in. He would not allow this, and beat them fairly easily. When he asked them of their lives, he was intrigued by how interesting they were. So much so, that he donned the identity of The Raider! He would steal only out of fun and entertainment, and return it by dawn. No one could catch him, not even the royal guards. At times, he would even steal from other thieves. However, one evening, he was captured and clasped in mystical chains in the old dungeon. This was the work of Mistress Arianna, a sorceress who was employed by the king to take care of the Raider once and for all. But Arianna knew of Escanor's other identity, and planned to usurp his father's throne and become the all-powerful queen of Quard. This was stopped, however, when Prince Escanor escaped and vanquished her. While his rambunctious days were all but behind him, he became king of Quard the following morning. Although, with the impending production of Beauty and the Beast, the movie was put on hold and later never produced on it's own. While it went into blissful obscurity, Escanor was given the opportunity to join A.R.T. Patrol, he leaped at the chance to once become... The Raider!

- Expert Thief: Raider is a master thief skilled in stealth, picking locks, escapology, evading alarms and cracking safes.
- Olympic Level Athlete: He has reflexes, agility, and stamina of an olympic level acrobat. He is physically very strong and athletic and has great physical endurance.
- Olympic Athlete: Raider is particularly a skilled acrobat capable of many exceptional feats.
- Illusion-Casting: After stealing a the Miracle Mask, Raider gained the unique ability to create any illusion he wanted, whether it be solid or an image. But only for brief periods in time.
- Raider can often be seen as flamboyant on-and-off duty.

Toonman, Animeson, KeyMaster © :iconmr-redx:
Disney, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast © Disney
Hanna Barbera © Hanna Barbera
A new Pokemon game? Pssh, please. As if I care.

Mind: *rips off my sweater to reveal a Grookey t-shirt*

Uh... I can explain...?
Just a quick sketch of :iconmr-redx: 's Governess. Sorry it's so crude and sloppy, I did this in five minutes tops.

Originally I was going to have her floating over a neighborhood to keep watch at night. But, well, backgrounds aren't my fourte if you know what I mean.

Governess © :iconmr-redx:



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