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If you have any questions for me, please email me at

Updated: July 17, 2016


As of this moment, I no longer accept any new commissions. I am fully booked well into 2018 and there's no point in creating such a long waiting list. I will update this journal entry, if and when I reopen commissions in the future.

Thank you all very much.
Best regards,
Mathia Arkoniel.
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The commissions still closed??
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Your art is amazing! And while I certainly wish you had a free spot sooner, congratulations on that full schedule :) if it's not too much to ask, do you have a general price range? (E.g. All possible commission options are from $__-$__ or something. No need for details. I'm just interested in saving enough to have options available to me whenever you do open again). I have no idea yet what I'd want to order from you, but I'd certainly be interested in setting aside some money for the future! Just have to get a general range of how much to put aside...anyhow, hope you are doing well!
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Hi! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment. I am overjoyed to hear that you like my paintings and honored that you wish to commission me. :D
As it currently stands though, the likelihood of opening commissions again in the next two years is rather small. I am currently in my second year of Uni, next year I will be in my 3rd, and I might even do a Masters afterwards. I am truly sorry.
Regarding the price range; what my price would be today will not be the same as what they will be 2 years from now. But I would estimate that a cell-shaded painting would cost between +$100 to +$200. I am sorry I can't give a more accurate estimate.
Thanks again for your interest. :D
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Hello! That is perfectly understandable. But on the slim offchance, I won't be caught completely off guard :) good luck with Uni and everything!
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Thank you so much!
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I'm unsure how to start this. Maybe a couple disclaimers
1. I paid attention, I understand you're commissions are closed for the foreseeable future.
2. I have read through all the comments in this Journal.
3. I am testing the waters and my question/comment doesn't mean I'm looking to make any sort of commitment.

So here goes:
I read that your contract with Raythe prohibits you from working with Yoai US Publishers. What if they aren't US or yaoi, and technically not a publisher?
I'm a Canadian Indie Author (meaning I self-publish) and I don't write yaoi. I'm thinking of making my first novel into a Graphic Novel (Both a YA and 'Adult' versions).

Truthfully, I don't even know how to go about asking Artists about something like this, nor even have an idea what it could possibly cost! Reason I built up the courage to comment you like this, is because you seem easily approachable. And Sorry if the tone of this comment came off... weird. Not my intention.
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Thank you so much for your message and research. :D I can create illustrations and covers for for other publishers of non-yaoi novels in the US, and any sort of novel outside of the US (so in Canada it would be okay with yaoi as well), but, graphic novels are an exception. Indifferent of the genre or country of origin, I am contracted to work only for Raythe Reign in this.

Sadly though, even if I could create for you a graphic novel, I no longer accept any new commissions, and for the foreseeable 2-3 years this will probably not change due to my schedule being so busy with work and uni.
Important to note though, is that if I will ever be available to do a graphic novel for other publishers/authors, I will post a full notification of it here in my "Contact and Commission Fees" journal entry.

Thank you so much for your interest, and I am sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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I really hope you will update soon ;-)
I'll be patiently waiting for a chance to get on the waiting list for... 2018?
Well a character sheet might do. Either way, it is worth the wait, I am sure!
Great work!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. As soon as I can, I will repopen commissions in the future, but that will definitely not be before 2018. I am terribly sorry.
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That you're fully booked until 2018... although in fairness I would probably not be as broke by then, so it makes more financial sense... :lol:
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I am terribly sorry for the insanely long wait.
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It's hardly your fault! :XD: But what do we do - do we add our names to a queue already? Or do we wait until 2018 to contact you?
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Thank you again, so much in your interest to commission me. Usually, yes, I just reserve commission slots for people who are interested, but I sadly no longer accept any commissions at all. I am terribly sorry. I am not certain when commissions will be available again, but I don't think in the next 2 years. :( Thanks again, so much.
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It's okay. I'll keep an eye out for what comes up in 2-3 years' time. :P
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Hi! 1º Amazing paintings! I am a big fan since some years *3* and i finally got some monney yeeey x3 xD And I am curious about how long would be the waiting list for an Character Sheet? OwO Thanks for your time >.<!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Hi! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment on my art. :D Regarding your question; currently I am fully booked for character sheets until the summer. So the earliest I could work on your character sheet is around July/August. :) If you are interested, please send me an email. I can only 'book you' if you send me an email. :D Thank you so much.
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Can I ask a question? (:
I  saw this - 

Mature Content

commission: November Character Sheet by MathiaArkoniel

And I fell in absolute love. I thought about having one done in the future when my financial state is better. Might I get a quote for a price of what that cost? (:
I think it might be 50$ - but I'm not entirely sure! 
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. I am overjoyed to hear that that piece is to your liking. :D You can find all of my prices listed in this journal entry, and yes, you assumed correctly that a 3 head-shot, 3 colored pose character sheet is $50. :) Sadly though, my schedule is rather full. The soonest I could book you for a character sheet is in the summer. If this wait is alright with you and you are still interested, please send me an email, so i can pen you into my calendar. :) Thanks so much.
Mama--Owl's avatar
That'd be perfect actually (I was going to ask to be on the waiting list until this summer!). 
I'm not sure what character I want yet. I'm stuck between my pharaoh boy and my vampire prince. (: 

Could I email you with both ideas and  can just choose when my time for the commission comes around? 
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Certainly. IF you truly cannot decide which you would prefer to commission, I will gladly help with the choice. Please do email me, so I can book you in (without an email address, i can't do it, I am sorry). But please don't email me yet your exact ideas, because when the scheduled date arrives, i will send you a form to fill out.
Looking forward to working with  you. :)
Mama--Owl's avatar
(: I was just going to send my character references, that's all (just so I actually have them on file too in my sent box so I don't forget who I was talking about). 
And I'd be glad to fill the form out when the time comes! (Maybe after this one I'll be able to actually get the other on a later date when you're open again!).

Email sent!
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Man when I come into some money I'm definitely gonna commission you to draw my characters from my story. Or perhaps my Saints Row OC. I've been following you for years but I'd actually be able to afford one of your drawings.

Actually I might be able to afford one now...
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I am overjoyed to hear you like my art.
Yaaay! Looking greatly forward to working with you soon. :D
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I was just curious, do you take commissions for character sheets like those of Lucifer, Gabriel, Uriel and co. and if so how much would that be?
Thank you for your time 
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