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supernatural: Lucifer

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Another Wallpaper project.

Lucifer as portrayed by the talented Mark Pellegrino, best Lucifer ever.


I hope we'll get to see Nick!Lucifer and Adam!Michael again in SPN someday.
Details of the painting can be viewed here:
Sketch of Lucifer:
supernatural: Lucifer Sketches by MathiaArkoniel
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Hello just wanted to stop by. You have such amazing art 😄 just curious if you take art trades?

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Hi. Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment. I am glad you like my art.

No I am afraid I don't have the time for art trades. I used to love doing art trades and contributing to zines, but I just can't anymore.

Thanks a lot though.

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Back when he was actually a threatening villain, before he was turned into a joke. I enjoy the funny Lucifer in seasons 11-15 but this is how Lucifer should be. Guess Azazel is the only villain whose villainy hasn't been ruined.

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Gorgeous piece
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soo.... If I wanted to buy a print of this... or something like that... is that an option? My friend is obsessed with Lucifer and this is the best thing I can image I can find between Hottopic, Etsy, and Deviant Art... this is seriously the best Lucifer art I've ever seen... 
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This is amazing! And............
He's baaaaack! XD
Yep. He's back in the show! XD
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Omg I love this guy!! I had no idea he was in this show! Now I'm gonna have to watch it :P Incredible work, Friendo! 
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Thanks a lot for the wonderful compliment. Yess, I LOVE Mark Pellegrino! He is great in many of the roles I've seen him, but I love him best as Lucifer.
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Great pic amazing work!!! :D
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Thank you very much! I am glad you like it. :D
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Wow, mate. This may be the best art of Supernatural's Lucifer I've ever seen. :love:

I just noticed your description - How do you feel about Mark coming back as Lucifer in Supernatural? :aww:

:blackrose: Love you sammy 
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Wow. Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliment!! I am very happy to hear that you like this portrait of Lucifer. Mark does such an amazing job representing him!!

Oh yesssss!! I was beside myself with joy when I saw Mark return as Lucifer. I hope they will keep him on as long as possible. I think he is simply PERFECT!! What did you think of his return?
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You're very welcome~ :aww: Sorry for the delayed response. And, yes, indeed Mark does a wonderful portrayal of Lucifer! :heart: Although I like his sassy attitude, I really miss his misunderstood and eerie calm nature from when he first appeared in Supernatural.

I'm both overjoyed with his return, and disappointed that it took them so long to bring him back. Oh well, better late than never. My brothers have a theory about, 'what if the Darkness kills the Devil'; saying they wouldn't be surprised given what they've done to Death. I hate that thought. :(

Black Rose Love you sammy
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No worries about any delayed replies. I understand very well how work can get in the way. :D
Regarding Supernatural and Death; I agree with you. I hated it that they killed Death. If I am honest, to me Supernatural ended with the final episode of Season 5 (Swan song). Maybe Season 6, but anything after that I am no longer enjoying. They managed to kill EVERYTHING. It's a bit too much and their world feels colder and deader to me. So, I don't enjoy the series anymore much, but I do LOVE Lucifer... as Mark, dammit. Not Castiel!Lucifer. *sigh* Ah well.
EleganceOfNight's avatar
Thankyou for understanding, and - here's another delayed response. ^^;

I'm not sure what to think of Lustiel; his first appearance just made me think that they put Misha himself into the role, which is laughable, but it does make for an interesting storyline, except they're not even doing anything with it. ><

Sigh. . . I'm just going to rewatch Being Human USA to see Mark Pellegrino as the sexy Bishop in the meantime. So much for his big return to Supernatural. :(

Black Rose Love you sammy
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Yes, that was a Lucifer pun.
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wow this is really nice! I love it!
WOW! Just WOW! I love the black wings.
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Amazing piece, like all your other ones! You're a very talented artist. :heart:
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Thanks again so very much for the wonderful compliment. I am sure happy you like this piece too. :)
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No, YOU are wonderful :)
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