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silmarillion: Fingolfin

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This piece was commissioned by L.W.
Fingolfin as High King (for a brief period, anyway).

Close-ups of this painting can be viewed here:
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Kacorkiraly's avatar
I can't take the beauty of this elf. Jesus, my heart! Soooo attractive.
Wyzzel's avatar
Awesome light and details ... as always!
Neranella's avatar
Awesome artwork. :clap:
SugakuDoreiItachi's avatar
I love this art so much. u////u
Riversong00's avatar
amazing use of color ^_^ this work is dazzling
Adarion's avatar
I like this very much. Both from a more technical way with the flow of warm light of the fire from the right to the cool left side of the picture and the very detailed cloth and ornaments. But also in terms of content. I think with this relatively calm and thoughtful pose he comes close to his father. And he definitely was more like his father than his hot-headed older brother.
I also like that his pose is nowhere strict or formal. It's comfy. Even a bit... well, lounging like a teenager. :)
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thanks so much for your wonderful review on this painting. I am glad you like so many aspects of it. :D
Sephiroth-21's avatar
Truly amazing :) (Smile) My most sincere compliments!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you so very much! I am glad you like it. :)
Amaniwolf's avatar
Seriously gorgeous, the detail is beautiful.
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thanks a lot for the wonderful compliment. :D I am glad you like it. :)
Amazing work and very inspirative for me :)  I want to ask you if you could make quick sketch of his clothes in standing position? I cannot see the shape of his "skirts" when he is sitting. I do larp and I would like to use your painting to create this costume in real, if you dont mind?
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Hi! Thank you very much for the wonderful compliment on my art. As to your request; sure, I will gladly sketch you Fingolfin standing. ;) It will take a week or so before I can finish the sketch, because I am right now in the middle of a move and won't have the time. I hope this will be okay. :)
No problem, thanks for quick response :) I am looking forward to see him in standing position! ;-)
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Sure, no probs. Now that I finally finished my cross-country move, here is the promised full-body sketch of Fingolfin:
 silmarillion: Fingolfin Concept by MathiaArkoniel
Thank you so much :)
Pelegrin-tn's avatar
I think I've fainted. It is very beautiful!
fallenRazziel's avatar
He looks like Thranduil with black hair^^
Pryate's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! Your work on lighting is always amazing :heart:
AuberJean's avatar
Like the color scheme, very vibrant!
GreenSprite's avatar
I like the sharpness your highlights have, it does so much for the realism of the painting.
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