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original: Underwater love

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There are entirely too few male merfolk depicted for my liking, so I decided to draw a quick cell-shaded piece.

EDIT: Wow! Okay, wow! I never EVER expected this painting to have such a success! Thank you all, very much for the many favs and comments. I am truly honored and overjoyed that this little piece is so much to everyone's liking. I'll be sure to reply to every comment later this month.

Until then though, I would like to answer three frequently asked questions:

SEX: I am not depicting here a documentary, but in my opinion, they would have sex the way marine mammals have sex. Research dolphins, orcas, wales, if you have trouble imagining. The merman is part human. Not FULL fish. So it's only natural that he also has a 'mammals' reproductive organs.

BABIES: Another question raised multiple times. Not all sex has to lead to babies. They don't want any. They are together because they love each other, not to procreate. :)

BREATHING: They are close to the surface, so she can get back to the surface to get a breath of air. In the mean time, she is very good at holding her breath. ;)
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If they can't float, shouldn't both of them die after a while of sinking slowly. I mean i like the art, i do; but if they are having sex they won't want to have to pull apart and swim up constantly. Maybe sitting on a rock or near the reef would be safer... Sorry if i am being a critic.
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Lol. No worries. I LOVE logic. So your logic is more then welcome.

I agree with everything you said. I would wonder the same things as well... but there's something 'lost in translation' with this image. It's my fault really. I've chosen the pose of the Merman's tail so that there is an aesthetic flow to the whole image, and also, so he should fit fully into a landscape-format page.

What does this have to do with anything? People misinterpret the pose. *They are NOT having sex*. For Heavens sakes, people are way to obsessed with sex and babies. Devilish
I mean I haven't even rated this image as needing a Mature Content warning, because in my mind she is dressed. His tail would be moving lazily up and down, keeping them afloat, close the surface so that when she does run out of air, he can take her up for a breath.
Her floating skirt obscures her underwear. Next time I'll draw a similar image, I'll make sure to give the girl trousers.:angel: Less room for interpretation then. Lol.
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Haha. Yes i guess it will. Anyway, I still really liked it.
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Also, I love the detail.
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Do you know other artwork of mermen/women relationships?
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Sadly no. :( I am sorry! That is why I have drawn this piece. There's a sever lack of any mermen/women art.
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After reading the additional entries you made to this piece upon to my return to view this piece, I thought you might care to read a little discussion I put forth earlier this year for several of my watchers....…

My hope is that you may read (and ENJOY!) posts from others, and perhaps you may decide to add your own comment.

I love this piece of yours! Thank you for sharing. I even have a favorites gallery of "Mer-Love" pieces from across DeviantArt - ranging from multiple emotions - love, loss, lust, friendship, and children....

It is not my intention to advertise, so feel free to hide this comment if you so wish....
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Thank you so much for the link to your post. Please don't think for a second that I saw this as advertisement. It's just you sharing a post with me, so of course it stay unhidden.

Now regarding your question in the post; what I like best about the Mer/human dynamic is the impossibility of the relationship. Merfolk can't live on land and humans can't live underwater. So there's a tragic aspect to the relationship because they will never be able to 'cuddle in bed'. Lol. That tragic aspect is what most appeals to me. Another thing that appeals to me is the cross-species part. But this is just me, and this reflects on every single pairing I can dream or think of out there, indifferent whether Mer or something else. I loath pairing humans with humans. It's the definition of boring and unimaginative to me. So if there is the option of a different race, elf, vampire, alien, mer, ogre, dragon, ANYTHING other then human, than the human character will be paired with that OTHER race. :XD:

Thank you again so much for your compliment. I am super happy you still like this piece.
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You're so welcome! I do love this illustration of yours! And I am so very glad that you read the post of mine and decided to contribute.

Would you be so kind as to copy/paste your comment in regards to my discussion on that discussion page for me?
This is so nice :D I would love to buy from you at some point!
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This is relative to my interests! Also, super gorgeous. Loving that rainbow tail and everyone's hair.
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Thanks so much! I am glad you like it. :D
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Nice artwork, I love the colours you used in it!
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Love it. Absolutely fabulous.
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Love the merman! Great painting overall, but the merman is very original I think, I think what sets him apart from other merfolk is the multiple colors in his tail-I haven't seen that style before. Most artists use just a solid color or at least 1 shade in different variations-but this guy-love him!
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Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliment. Thank you also for telling me what you think sets the merman apart from other renditions. I never thought the multi-colored tail would be something anyone likes. Quite the contrary. I was convinced no one would like it, because it's so multi-colored. XD I am glad you like it. :)
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totally agree, love this ^^
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Heavens, if her skivvies were floating nearby, I'd totally think there were something going on...and the FAQ you put up clued me in that this isn't like that o-o

...and yes, I did go look up Orcas and reproduction >///>
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Her underwear lol
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Oh. My bad. ha I never heard that term for underwear before. haha
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hehe, that's okay, it's quite a British term XD
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