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elantra: Sanabalis, Kaylin and the Arkon

Chronicles of Elantra Fanart.

This is not an illustration. It never happened in the books, but this image was inspired by a song I was listening to whilst reading Cast in Peril. I really loved the Arkon's concern for Kaylin, and I hope to see more of their exchanges in future books.

This piece has a rather strange background because of it's 2dimensionality. My second reason for painting this piece came when i was rifling through albums of Vermeer's and Van Eyck's works. I was inspired by the single source of light (window) in Vermeer's works, and the interesting/strange combination of 3dimensional characters, and a 2dimensional flat background in Van Eyck's works. Hence the strange background.

The chess pieces almost defeated me. And I thought painting a GO-board was difficult. :XD:

EDIT: My apologies to any chess players seeing this, for the mistake with the chess board. I have played hundreds of GO games, but only twice did I touch a chess board, playing with my grandfather when I was 8. So my knowledge of chess is close to non-existent.

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I love all your elantra artwork, your characters match perfectly the ones in my head when I read the books, but this is by far my favorite. I squealed and clutched my phone to my chest like some crazy fan girl. It's just beyond perfect!
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Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliment! :D I am so happy to hear that you like this painting. It's one of my favorite paintings as well.
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Hi! This work has been featured here… :hug: :heart:
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you ever so much for the feature. I am honored!
Beautiful! I like how you even got Kaylin's dragon in there too. 
Isyll--8's avatar
Very nice work *0*
echosong111's avatar
I have a request only if you are willing to do one for me
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
What request? I must admit, that I am always eager to paint/draw Elantra art, however lack of time, will more than likely prevent me from doing so anytime soon. Also, depending on your request, if it doesn't inspire me, I might not paint it. But please share your request. :)
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That dragon.. is a real animal? xD Well, he/she is playing with hair while she is sleeping on the table, that's really fun. (you know, same for my little parrot while I'm playind/reading)

Nice colours! And the chess, urgh I played but I lost more times, ahah, but it was fun... :D
I've never read the books that inspired you, and the premise, upon reading the blurb, doesn't really sound that appealing to me, but this picture makes me want to give it a shot anyway. The author should thank you. Love it! ;)
myaru's avatar
I can imagine this, and I love it. Kaylin is so in-character. XD
DemyxwillLive's avatar
I thought the wings were a Patamon. If you did Digimon Art you'd be my hero forever.
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Lol. Sorry no digimon here. I do know the Digimon, and I used to be SO inlove with the villains from the first series (Piedmon and Myotismon in particular), but it was a loooong long time ago. So, sadly I can truly promise that I will never paint digimon. Sorry.
DemyxwillLive's avatar
No it's ok. Don't worry about it. I'm just an avid fan and craze over it :P
storm-rao's avatar
love that little dragon, seriously, that thing's adorable.
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thanks so much. :D Glad you like it the little dragon.
Willow-Chan's avatar
This is amazing!!!! Ahaha!! Ohhh, Kaylin. I love the dragon/familiar pulling at her hair. XD This is so great!!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thanks a lot! I am very happy to hear that it's to your liking. :D
Willow-Chan's avatar
I love your vision of the characters of Elantra. Its all so amazing.
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Reminded me of Fanuilh series.
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Fanuilh? Never heard of it, but if it has cool human-dragons in it, and fantastic heroins, I would love to read it. :D
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