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assassins creed: Ezio Auditore

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"A Sinking Feeling"
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Damn man! Ezio can't die! :-[
Twilightwindwaker777's avatar
When did this happen in the game? I don't recall being shot at while swimming.
AnnabelleArielLyon's avatar
This is so well done.
joseloveslegos10's avatar
NOOOO!!!!!! EZIO!!!!!!!!
zomickschallahrecipe's avatar
A sinking feeling indeed... Love the way the blue color came out! It is deep
Ciereine's avatar
Im amazed by the use of high contrast colours serah. VEAUTIFU!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank you ever so much! :)
Emir-Zim's avatar
Hello. I have to ask you - I ask you to listen to me and help!………

I myself tried to repaint, but that's when my repainting at Juno helmet why that was lighter in the middle (light in a program not played probably blame specular MAP) :(

That's what I wanted it to do:……

Juno is necessary to repaint (under version ACB), her armor and helmet hair blue - is this normal?

X-N-A version:…

Repaint textures and adjust bump and specular MAP - and all will yum :)

Here it XNALara model:…

Textures converted to PNG - with you only her painting under version ACB - so I'll point out your name, unless you want to help me?

Waiting for your help!

Translation by: Google
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Oohhh, Sweet! (...of course, Ezio will just spontaneously grow a beard and get over it...) But I love the colours and the weightlesness. Beautiful work! =D
sumanth77's avatar
Wow! woah! awesome
Jazzfan0217's avatar
Amazing work here!!! I'm new to the AC fan base, but I've already got a feel for these characters, this is sooooo sad yet incredible at the same time, job well done!!!

rkmugen's avatar
None of this would've he had the Venetian cape on!  (presuming this is of a scene in Venezia)
rkmugen's avatar
None of this would've happened* if he had the Venetian cape on!  (presuming this is of a scene in Venezia)
Sunny223's avatar
Luckily this never happened to Ezio, he died on a bench at the age of 65
Orochimaru86's avatar
I feel like that since I found out my woman cheated on me with a Bard - and Bard is a damn Templar's spy!
NeoIqbalBaihaqi's avatar
no bore for this pictures.,....
NeoIqbalBaihaqi's avatar
waw.... its wonderfull.... impressive...
Rain-Quill's avatar
He will find the will to swim up. :<!
Helwen's avatar
Beautiful illustration <3
verusorezekiel's avatar
It really does make you feel like its the last second...
blacksheepmeeh's avatar
woooooooooooooooooooooooow :wow!: :squee: :heart:
Crazy-Hyper-Artist's avatar
"NOO! Someone help him-No, Altair, do not even think about touching the water!"

Gosh, this is so amazing. I love the bubbles coming from the arrow wound. This is all so perfect!
iUchihaItachi's avatar
The colors are so bright, it's lovely to look at!
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