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asoiaf: Rhaegar and Lyanna

A stolen moment between Rhaegar and Lyanna. I did not place the scene in a specific place or time. It may be set right after the Tourney at Harrenhal, or after Lyanna ran away from Riverrun and met with Rhaegar on the way, or on the way to the Tower of Joy. It's up to everybody's interpretation. ;)

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Such a lovely image... I do wonder if GRRM is ever going to go into detail about the specifics of their relationship. I sincerely doubt it was like Robert imagined it, he just has to imagine that because to acknowledge that Lyanna went with Rhaegar willingly is to admit she wasn't madly in love with Robert like he expects every woman to be.

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Rhaegar was the prince the people needed. He would’ve been a great king.
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Better than Robert, certainly. He griped that the Targaryens were so awful, yet he ran the country into the ground and still thought he was better.

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A lunatic from a lunatic family who destroys his dynasty and his country over sorcery and prophecy (which he didn't understand to begin with) is not a better king. Nor is a paedophile, born of revolting incest, who then, while still married, takes advantage of and grooms an underage girl (who was betrothed to his own cousin!), a better man.

Robert had faults, many of which were terrible, nor was he suited to be a king at all, but if nothing else, before he was destroyed by his depression and PTSD in the years after the rebellion, he was leagues better than Rhaegar.

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Robert didn’t care about Being King. He just wanted take Away Everything the Targaryens had.

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Love this storyline, lovely piece of art.
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I found this years before I knew about Game of Thrones, but I automatically shipped whatever the heck was going on in there. It didn't hit me until around starting season 6 that THIS was those two and, holy yes, I wanted these two to be a couple way before I knew it wasn't really a kidnapping. 
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Beautiful painting, poses and interesting choice of colours. I love it !
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So Robert's Rebellion was basically Romeo and Juliet on steroids, PCP, and acid?
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Man, his hair is on point!
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the way Rhaegar is described it's almost as if he had aspergers.
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Very nice work Clap  I love it Love 
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Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it. :D
This is more likely what happened and I wonder what the people of Westeros are going to do when they learn the truth?
What they will do is go on an explosive rage against Robert Baratheon. It's very likely they will go on an orgy of destroying anything related to Robert Baratheon in the aftermath.
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So beautiful! I'm in love with them now. 
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Thank you so much! I am glad you like it. :D
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Rhaegar looks like Alucard from Symphony of the Night.
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I'm insane to read that tragical love story
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Read the love story? Read where? I don't see it written anywhere. Finally it is canon and no longer a theory, but the story of Lyanna and Rhaegar was never actually written by George R.R. Martin in detail. It's just been hinted at. Or did I miss some new chapter?
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Well, it's only mentioned in the books like: "A million of people died because of the love of Rhaegar towards the wolf" and things like that, but George R.R Martin has not delved into the story. Anyway I have the feeling one day he will, because it's actually crucial in the story.
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Well, it's only mentioned in the books... But I'm hoping George R.R Martin will write in detail about them. I mean, he has to. It's like something crucial in the story.
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