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December 13, 2011
Lannister Gold, lavishly beautiful and passionate character artwork by *arkoniel.
Featured by alicexz
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asoiaf: Lannister Gold

Jaime and Cersei Lannister.

You can also find my artworks at: Website  | Art Station  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Tumblr
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Amazing and Gorgeous

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"Let it all burn down around us,

let the cruel consume the just,

let the sin we swim in drown us,

let the world shatter into dust.

Nothing else matters, only us." - Only Us, Miracle of Sound.

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hi permission to user your artwork for my book cover?

Best art of the two I have seen.
When they die it's going to be poetic.
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Game of Thrones, the only series in which sibling incest can be touching.
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Yeeeah, have you noticed how George R.R. Martin manages to make you like character and things that under normal circumstances you never would? At least this is happening to me a lot when reading his books. XD
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Same. I'd probably avoid character like Chett and The Hound if I saw them in real life, but in the books I kind of felt sorry for them by the end.
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Really wonferful work Mathia! You are a very talented artist.
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I really admire how you caught the way they look alike.
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That is the most amazing art I've ever seen of Cersei and Jaime. You pictured them perfectly!
They really do seem like twins, and their eyes! Oh, my feels!
This is going to be my wallpaper for the next two decades, thank you so much!
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This is definitely the best CerseixJaime piece I've ever seen and it has earned it's spot as my all-time favourite GoT fanart. I love the way you managed to make the two look so alike and so haughty. The lighting is gorgeous and the colours are perfect. Love it.
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Thank you ever so much! I am glad my interpretation is to your liking.

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You did such a great job at rendering them as twins without compromising the masculinity of Jaime or the femininity of Cersei! Well done!!
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I did not fully appreciate how awesome this was when I first viewed it. Now, having read all the current volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire, I feel I understand this so much more! Incredible work!
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This is amazing!
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I love this one. It's really, really sick. There's something about it, even if it's beautifull and the two characters are so beautifull too, that makes me feel uneasy. They really seem twins, and they're smiling to each other in a way that it's almost as if they're looking at each other to see their own beauty, as if they look at a mirror and not at another person. The ambiance is wonderfull, so golden and all, but all in all they make me uneasy. Wonderfull work!
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When I saw this piece, I sad a loud '' C'est tellement beau ''  wich means in french '' It's so beautiful ''. 
This is my favourite image of these two. 
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This is an absolutely brilliant depiction of Jaime and Cersei as per the books. Right down to the sneering, smug look on their faces - perfect. Great work.
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Well, I am listening to the audiobook to A song of ice and fire... and I hate the Lannisters... but the way you drew Jamie and Cerce... they... the're just BEAUTIFUL! :D
I first saw this artwork a few years ago, but it's still far and away the best depiction of the Lannister twins that I've ever seen. They actually look like mirror images of each other, which few artists manage to show other than making them both blonde and green eyed. Besides the absolutely gorgeous lighting, the first thing I noticed was that they have the exact same nose and I thought: Twins? Why are they looking at each other like that??

Yep, I had no idea who Jaime and Cersei Lannister were, although I had vaguely heard of A Song of Ice and Fire. I saw this and was intrigued by the story behind it, which led to google, which led to a wiki of ice and Fire, which led to the nearest bookstore. And the rest is history. So, you know, thanks for that :)
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