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asoiaf: Dany

Dany Targaryen. This painting was made for a fan calendar project.

You can also find my artworks at: Website  | Art Station  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Tumblr
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Very Stunning 🌹❤

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by far the best image dany I´ve eve seen, you did a great job capturing her youth
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WOW! Thanks a lot for the wonderful compliment. I am glad you like the way I illustrate Dany.
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Hail to the Queen, baby.
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Everything about her is absolutely stunning. It's very beautiful.
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This might be my favorite depiction of Dany that exists.
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She looks amazing, a true queen!
This piece is gorgeous. From the color palette to the way the light reflects off of her, it's almost ethereal.
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This is amazing. I really enjoy the expression of determination in her hands alone. A great interpretation of Dany.
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SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
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I adore this. I love a lot of your stuff, but this might be my favorite. It's perfect and just.. AMAZING!
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Gorgeous work!! It's beautiful :)
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WOW! I don't really like Dany - probably the only person who doesn't. I have my own reasons (and in my mind they're good ones) for not liking her but I won't bore you with them lol - but I love this painting of her. Great Job!
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Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I am glad to hear you like my painting.
As for Dany; you aren't the only one. I am curious how her story is going to turn out, but I really can't say I am a fan of hers. She leaves me cold. I feel much MUCH more for many other characters from this series.
Hermosas imagenes..
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