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ank: Katze 2

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Katze from Ai no Kusabi.
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Hello! I am the brand manager for Juné Manga. We have a fanart Friday feature on our blog and this Friday's theme is "Ai no Kusabi." Would you let us put your picture up (with the picture credited back to you)?
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Hi. Yes, of course. Please feel free to repost my fanart on your blog. It would be my honor. Due to the fact that I do not have the original file at hand, I was unable to update this painting.
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Beautiful work on the lighting and the hands and face!
mrsklemzak's avatar
Ah there he is! One of the few guys I recognize from this group. This is an amazing story, check it out. Ai no Kusabi, or the Space Between..
red-winged-angel's avatar
The lighting in this is amazing!
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It might be a bit late to say that but your work is wonderful! It's a pleasure to watch it!
Neo-Anime-Haven's avatar
love it, you have such talent.... love Ai no Kusabi and you just made me love it more..
sentimento9's avatar
wow so much beautifuler than the original! <3
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omg I havn't seen Ai no Kusabi in FOREVER! Katze was definately my fav. guy in that one. :heart:_:heart: you captured him perfectly methinks.
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Excellent picture. Very Katze.
FLAU7's avatar
oh, Katze is to hot, i love him & this painting :I)
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This has been my cellphone's wallpaper for all winter of both last and this year. Also, it made me love Katze even more than before.

Thank you for creating it.
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My favorite pic of Katze. I really adore you art my dear!

For those who do not know it, "Katze" is the german word for "cat" XD
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what a lovely painting!
IBrainWashedYou's avatar
;c ; I love you...
PamelaIsley's avatar
I love it. You do the series justice!
MathiaArkoniel's avatar
Thank a lot! I am glad you like it. :)
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Wonderful art. It captures well the nature of the character.
Zieram's avatar
He's my fave char of the show <3
ZirratyKat's avatar
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Lighting is awesome!
LightningLaveau's avatar
so perfect for katze
DenLillePrinsen's avatar
One of the most beautiful pictures EVER!!
Thank you so much for capturing so perfectly one of my fav characters ^^ you´re so talented!
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