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ank: Iason and Raoul

Golden Elites!! Iason and Raoul from Ai no Kusabi.
Painted to celebrate the looooong awaited release of the Ai no Kusabi Remake... or at least, the first four OVA's. :XD:
I chose to paint them in the old design, because I find it more real and aesthetically pleasing, but this does not mean i won't enjoy the new style in the OVA's. ;)

Long live AnK!!

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I always wondered after watching the original OVAs and the new ones if Iason and Raoul had ever been involved with one another. You have satisfied my curiosity by seeing them together like this, for only recently did I fully grasp the concepts and formalities of the "blondie" culture and their conduct. I couldn't figure out the difference of furniture and a pet when I watched the original OVAs but I understand it now. This piece is absolutely beautiful. There are very strong, bold colors and that really brings the two of them out. The expression on their faces is perfect, and I can imagine iason's soft voice against Raoul's ear. They are a perfect pairing in this case and as the hair is the defining feature in these've identified them perfectly...I would love to see how you draw Katze.
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You are amazing! My favourite characters of all time!
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Hello! I am the brand manager for Juné Manga. We have a fanart Friday feature on our blog and this Friday's theme is "Ai no Kusabi." Would you let us put your picture up (with the picture credited back to you)?
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Hi. Yes, of course. Please feel free to repost my fanart on your blog. It would be my honor. I have updated the file, so please download the painting using the download button. Thank you very much. :) 
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The way you did the hair is unbelievable! It looks so silky, and the coloring is fantastic!
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Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I am super happy you like the way I did the hair. :D
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Of course, it's lovely :XD:
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...just love this pairing and your beautyful style... *___*
I always wanted to see those two together, thank you... =3
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My pleasure! Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment. I am glad to hear you like how this piece turned out.
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More than perfect ! It would be an awesome pairing Iason/Raoul, never had this idea before !
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This is great...I love it.
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amazing art ^^
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Absolutely beautiful *D*
Your painting skills are good! I'm in love with those brush-strokes */////*
Breathtaking.  Your Katze remains my favorite piece, but this has become a very close second place!
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finally find somebody love this pairing......
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Looks really great~ 
Raoul's hair looks especially luscious <33 heheh
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wow it´s beautiful and i like their hair is so silky i wanna touch it O.O
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Iason, leave the man alone, you have Riki XD
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AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
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Gosh , their hair is so luscious . Looking at the picture you can almost feel the silkyness .

Well , the whole thing is lovely .
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Love this! The new Ai No Kusabi made Raoul kind of ugly though. T_____T
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This is amazing, I've read stories about them together but it's one thing to just use imagination - this is much better :D I love how you put them in this artwork. It makes me want to watch the old OVAs again just to hear the voices and then look at this picture and imagine a conversation between Iason and Raoul. Thank you for sharing this with us.
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Waw, really awesome ! I'm a gib fan of Ai no Kusabi and I love your beautiful fanart *__*
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