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ank: Iason Katze

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Iason and Katze. Illustration for Lena's On Hire fanfiction.

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Exactly as I imagined the scene <3
For those who want to know, this is a scene from the last chapter of the fanfic "On hire" by Lena :)
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doubt that ever haappined but we fan girls sure pertend it did XD
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WOW I did not know that this drawing was yours! I have saved for so long <3
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Beautiful. Love it.
HintOfMagic's avatar
!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. Love. You. :D
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My god that's hot.... I want them xD Gorgeous picture!
LovelyShinigami's avatar
God, I want to be Riki. <flops>
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wow...hotness and nose bleed....
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Lol. Thanks! Glad you like it.
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This is VERY nice. <3

What program did you use, if I may ask?
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Thank you! Sure, you may ask. I did this piece in Photoshop. I only use Photoshop for all my works. :)
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I see, very nice. So you DLed the tones somewhere, right? Makes me wanna polish up my Photoshop, haha. :3
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Yes. The tones are available here on DA. Here are two links to some awesome screentone galleries:
But you can also make your own screentones easily in photoshop.
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Iason always make me afrraid ! @.@ but how beautiful he is !
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I love this anime!
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This is so great, mazing, beautiful and WOW! Did you make this pic?
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Thank you! I am glad you like this piece. Yes, I made it. It's an illustration to a friend's fanfiction.
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UNF. UNF. UNF. *Sorry, my fangirl mind exploded.*....GAH ~<333
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