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ai no kusbi: Iason Mink

Iason Mink speed painting, from Ai no Kusabi. I still like his old character design better than the new. He was just more solid, manly, sexy in the old design. In the new, he is too willowy and skinny. But these are just my opinions. (^_^)

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Hello! I am the brand manager for Juné Manga. We have a fanart Friday feature on our blog and this Friday's theme is "Ai no Kusabi." Would you let us put your picture up (with the picture credited back to you)?
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Hi. Yes, of course. Please feel free to repost my fanart on your blog. It would be my honor. I have updated the file, so please download the painting using the download button. Thank you very much. :)
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Wonderful! He really have an "I'm superior" vibe. I love the texture. Cheers for the classic Ai no Kusabi!
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I prefer the old design aswell, although I can see how the remakes will draw love from the more recent manga lovers :p
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Yeah, the old version of Iason has something special ... especially his seiyu Kaneto Shiozawa (miss him !). Something more powerful, magnetic ... I don't know, I can expatiate on the topic for hours. Basically, the old version has a design/animation who well transcribes the nervous and unwholesome vibes.
Great artwork, thank you !
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I very much miss the seiyu as well. That voice was divine! :( Ah well.
Thank you so much! I am glad you like the painting. :)
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Luv the expression.  You captured the character.  :)
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Thanks so much! I am glad you like it. :D
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Exceedingly so.  You are welcome! :)
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Amazing art. It's great that you are still interested in this movie and keep drawing such a wonderful works. 

I totally agree with you regarding the old version of anime. I'm not accepting the new version of Ai no kusabi. 
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Thank you so much! Oh, Ai no Kusabi, will always be my most favorite anime, ever! I am glad you agree with me on Iason's design and the new Ai no Kusabi.

I love your Cosplay of Iason very much. You are the very best I know! Please keep up the fantastic work.
I love that this fandom still has artists excited about it. I like the old character better too.
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Loved this anime though I don't think I ever got to see the ending! 
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I love the colours! :D
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Would it be an extreme bother to ask what kind of brushes you use?
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opinion seconded!!! the old style was generally more serious and lifelike, and yes, much, much sexier!  the movements..... P.S. Oh, and yes, right, beautiful picture! c:
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ffffff you just reminded me how I miss those two .-. Iason and Riki...
AND! Agreed with new versus old. Old all the way. -nods- 
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I think Riki's voice was one of the sexiest alive! 
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That's a given :XD: 
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Really impressive ♥  and you are so right :(  the new design of Raoul Am sucks too :iconemoluigiplz: 
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