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The Seinen magazine Comic Zenon is currently running a competition where they're looking for comics that express themselves clearly without the use of words.

Manga Audition Rules
“No Words, No Story”

Submissions are judged based on the author's use of a manga artist's most valuable skill: performance. Please express the selected “one emotion” in a way that is uniquely yours.
No need to come up with a complex story. The important thing is to convey the selected theme to your readers. Visually depict your characters emotions without relying on a backstory and gimmicks.
Professionals and amateurs of any gender; all are welcome to apply!
The competition will be judged by Tsukasa Houjou author of City Hunter, Tetsuo Hara author of Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star), Nobuhiko Horie the Chief Editor of Comic Zenon (Former Chief Editor, “Weekly Shonen Jump”) and the Comic Zenon Editorial Team.

Entries can be submitted by PDF at the Audition Entry page or posting the pages to the Editorial department directly:

Comic Zenon Editorial Department
North Stars Pictures, Inc.
Attn: Comic Zenon Manga Audition
Medicorp Building 8, 3rd Floor,
Kichijojihon-cho 2-4-14
Musashino-shi, Tokyo
JAPAN 180-0004

Although this option would seem somewhat inappropriate considering the competition closes at the end of this month.

Submission Details

The manga must be an unpublished original work (imitations, parodies, or altered versions of someone else’s manga are not allowed). NSP and third parties associated with the Manga Audition, here by called the Manga Audition Committee, may use submissions in the following ways, anywhere in the world. In some cases, a submission may undergo translation upon use.
  1. Publication in magazines and other printed media. Publication in a manga book.
  2. Distribution as an e-book.
  3. Promotional material related to 1 and 2.

Any use of the submission other than those mentioned above will be discussed between NSP and the author prior to use. (this includes cases where the author intends to use the submission in some way) The submission will be considered as published in Japan first, and will therefore be bound by Japan's copyright laws. Should either of the below circumstances apply to a submission, it will be disqualified. If prizes have already been allocated, the author's right to the prize will be null and void.
  1. Submission was already submitted to another manga contest, or was announced/used in another magazine.
  2. Submission belongs to, or in some way infringes on the rights/profits of, a third party.
There area few examples of silent comics on the audition page which should provide an idea of the page-count they're looking for (even if a few still use onomatopoeia, making them technically not silent).
While fooling around looking for solid information that the competition was actually open to International Artists. I overlooked the fact that the Pixiv competition page is in English, which is much easier to read that auto-translate text from Google Chrome.
There's very little information on the page beside these rules:  
Draw a comic of any genre or size.
Submit your comic with the Japanese tag 講談社まんがスカウトFes. Entries without this tag will be disqualified.
You may upload the comic in any size.
Please only use characters and stories you have created.  

Submit the comic using pixiv’s manga submission function.
The comic needs to be a complete story but can be any number of pages.  

The winner will be required to submit their comic in grayscale, at least 300 dpi in TIFF, PSD, or EPS format.
You may submit more than 1 entry.
  No indication whether they want Japanese dialog (which would be a pain in the butt) or whether the reading direction should take precedence in the page layout (easier to go with full page width panels).  

Five magazines are involved with the competition. Each magazine will select a winner who will have their work presented on Pixiv Comic's Top page with an overall winner receiving a cash prize (unless they cannot decide on an overall winner).

The competition closes on Sunday March 31st 23:59 JST (14:59 GMT)
Over the past few weeks there has been, growing concerns about an individual selling canvas prints of copyrighted characters using images taken from deviantART. While this individual has been identified he remains unrepentant about his actions.

The only course of action left to take would be to contact the copyright holders directly as they would be less than pleased to see their corporate properties exploited by anyone else for profit.

If you are aware or suspect any persons infringing on the intellectual property of Marvel, please contact and describe the suspected infringement. Please be as detailed as possible so that the claim can be investigated properly. Please also provide as much information as possible on the suspected infringer (ex. name, address, website, e-mail, phone number).

Such examples of intellectual property infringement are:
Unlicensed merchandise using Marvel's characters or names
Unapproved commercial use of Marvel characters or trademarks
Counterfeit products
Illegal copies of Marvel material being sold or distributed.

DC Entertainment
Copyright Agent
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
c/o: Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services, a division of Warner Bros. Technical Operations Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Bldg. 168
Burbank, CA 91522
Tel: (818) 977 - 0018
The manga Jiman is running again this year you can read about it at the Embassy of Japan website…
Nothing important happened today.
The Embassy of Japan in the UK will host the fifth Manga Jiman competition this year, the theme this time is 'new beginnings' and the deadline is November 1st 2011.

You can find the full list of rules and regulations along with the official entry form at the Embassy of Japan Website.
Sci-Fi-London will return to the capital from tomorrow, lasting until the second of May. But it is NEXT WEEKEND which will be of particular interest as a special two day event will be held in the Blue Room at the BFI which is audaciously entitled Comics @ Sci-Fi-London. This special two day event has FREE ENTRY, but space will be limited to meet "Health and Safety" regulations.

Doors open from 10AM on Saturday and there will be a number of panels throughout the day:

Saturday 30th April

11am – SF comics for kids
Paul Collicutt (Robot City adventures), Phillipa Rice (My Cardboard Life), Alex Milway (The Mythical 9th Division), Eddie Robson (Doctor Who adventures) discuss creating Science-Fiction and Fantasy comics for kids and having interested children in the format, how to keep their love of comics going. Followed by a children’s workshop run by Paul Collicutt

12.30pm – City of Abacus
A panel discussion with four of the creators of the serialised graphic novel CITY OF ABACUS including writers V.V. Brown and David Allain and artists Lee O’Connor and John Spelling, who drew issues two and three respectively, looking at the intriguing mix of dystopian SF and fantasy that the comic presents. Followed by City of Abacus signing

2pm – Manga Jiman
Three recent finalists - Zarina Liew (Runner-up 2009/2010), Yuri Kore (Winner 2009/2010), Clio Millett (Winner 2010/2011) – of the Japanese Embassy’s ‘Manga Jiman’ (Pride in Manga) competition join one of the judges, to discuss the homegrown manga scene in the UK and the difference between Manga and Western style comics.

3.30pm – The work of Warren Ellis
Writer Ian Edginton (who collaborated with Ellis on X-Force), Matt Jones (principal, BERG design who commission Ellis’ new comic SVK) and Matthew Sheret (writer, whose love of comics started with Warren’s work) discuss the work of comic book / multimedia writer Warren Ellis who has penned some of the most influencial SF comics of the last twenty years. Followed by 20 min preview screening of new documentary - “WARREN ELLIS: CAPTURED GHOSTS”

5pm Close

Sunday 1st May

11am – Small press to mainstream
Al Davison (IDW Doctor Who comic), Tom Humberstone (Solipsistic Pop) and David Hine (Batman) talk about how working in small press comics has lead to work for mainstream publishers, but also provided a home to publish alternative titles throughout their careers so far.

Followed by ‘Drop in and draw’ activities for first time artists wanting encouragement in creating comics, run by Tom Humberstone

12.30am – H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe
Novelists China Miéville (three time Arthur C. Clarke award winner for SF literature) and Denise Mina (The Field Of Blood) alongside writer David Hine and artist Alice Duke (Self Made Hero) discuss the influence of American writers Poe and Lovecraft on comic books and the difficulties posed by adapting their stories into strip format.

2pm – Horror and noir
A panel looking at the crossover between two popular genres with guests Denise Mina, graphic novelist Hannah Berry who will be previewing her new book ADAMTIME and Ian Edginton who has written further comic strip adventures of Sherlock Holmes in which the great detective fights zombies, vampires and serial killers.

3.30pm Comics and moving pictures
Comics have been both the basis of and influenced the look of much TV and film over the past few years and so creators Martin Fisher(Battle among the stars), Huw J. Davies (Freeman, Garth), Edward Ross (Filmish, Parasites!) and Roger Mason (2000AD, The Mice) will be talking about how their interest in both fields has led to cross-pollination in their work and how they see this influencing both media as a whole.

5pm Close

The closest station is Waterloo & I hope that Transport for London will have services running smoothly so I don't have to think about walking to & from Paddington Station throughout the weekend!
The Eagle Awards are open fornominations enabling the comics reading public to vote for their personal favourite writer, artist, colourist, letterer, editor etc. published in 2010.

Nominations will be accepted until the 7th of March, the top five nominees in each category will then move to the voting round which should begin on the 14th of March with the results being announced on the 27th of May at the London MCM Expo.
The Eagle Awards recently opened up voting for the 2009 awards that will supposedly take place at a location that has yet to be revealed to the general public. It also looks as though they intend to launch a talent search contest of sorts.

Entrants will submit an original story which will be narrowed down to a twelve entries by a jury with a final three being chosen by a panel of judges. The first place winner will receive £1000, the runner up £500 and the second runner up £250, their work will be published in an initiative anthology digitally & in print in multiple languages.

While the worldwide talent search doesn't begin for another month, the initiative website is already up & running. However entry into this competition is not free:

An entry fee is payable for each submission as follows:
UK addresses… £5
US addresses… $10
Euro zone… €10
Elsewhere, please pay in US dollars.

Source: Bleeding Cool
While flipping through the third issue of Yen+ I was surprised to see a submission guide. It appears that Yen+ will shortly feature short (30 page) stories commissioned from professional artists & developed with their editorial team specifically for this publication. Professional artists who are considering this should submit a proposal for a 30 page story with between 5 & 10 pages of sequential renderings of the story to the Yen+ editorial team.

Anyone who's feeling left out because they're not yet a "Seasoned Professional" have no need to worry as they also mention a talent search contest that may be announced in the coming months, so keep an eye out.

Yen+ is distributed in the UK by Comag, so they should be available from WHSmith, although you will probably need to place a standing order with a £5 deposit paid upfront. You can also get a subscription from their Magazine Cafe (in the Teenage section, just under Teen Vogue), £5.94 for a single issue or 12 monthly issues for £71.

I don't think it's restricted solely to US residents as Yen+ is supposed to be available in Canada & the UK, & you have to remember that they are also running a series created by a Canadian resident.

But the only problem would be whether you can create something that will fit in with the rest of Yen+ which has on Older Teen rating, although there is a great deal of variation from the graphic content of Jack Frost to the whimsical nature of One Fine Day as well as Sarasah & The Pig Bride, which I still can't figure out.
Even though the 2nd & 3rd place winners of the second competition have yet to be announced, Kodansha are now accepting entries for the 3rd Morning International Manga Competition!

The deadline is September 30th,2008.
Professional artists are also welcome to this competition.
Besides manga, we accept all types of comics, including superhero comics, cartoons, and bandes dessine´es and so on.
You can now see the listing for Stir Fried Product #3 at IndyPlanet as well as a few of the interior  pages.
Stir Fried Product will be available from May 2008.
Del Rey Manga would appear to be accepting submissions. You can read the details on the <a  href="…">Submissions section of the Random House site where the change in their publishing stance was announced earlier today on the <a  href="…">Del Rey Manga Blog:

"One of the posters who read the HG preview asked about submitting work to Del Rey. Tricia covered this subject just a few days ago in better ways than I ever will, but I did want to add a couple of things. First, we really enjoy seeing new proposals. Tricia and I are always surprised by how few of them we get, despite having mentioned several times at convention panels that people should feel free to submit work to us. I suspect that’s about to change, now that we have official guidelines up on the site. If we get too many and have to revise the policy, we will, but for now, send ‘em on in. That’s how we ended up publishing Kasumi and <a  href="…">The Reformed</a>".
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Nothing much to saym other than the fact that you can now purchase a copy of Stir Fried Product #2 from Indy Planet.
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The Finalists of this Years RSoM have finally been posted.

13 Shards by Nadine Wilson
Alice Fogarty Hates Small Towns by Sally Jane Thompson
Alone by Yue Guan
Changes by Vincent Chan
Circuit-Breaker by Gwen Kortsen & Angela Wraight
Fell by Katherine Holden
First Train by Donna Pesani & Ing Hoang
Innocent Until Proven by Micheal Kacar
No Pain, No Ghayna by Comrie Sterling
Parasites by Rachel Saunders
Plum Blossom & the Moon by Gillian Sein Ying Ha
The Way We Were by Sue Faye Yong
Two For Joy by Hayden Scott-Baron
<a  href="…">Until Death Do Us Party by Laura Watton
Yin or Yang by Karen Lusted
<a  href="…">T Times by Nana Li

First Place: Nana Li - T Times
Second Place: Hayden Scott-Baron - Two for Joy
Third Place: Faye Yong - The Way We Were


Yue Guan - Alone
Donna Pesani and Ing Hoang - First Train
Laura Watton - Until Death Do Us Party
Michael Kacar - Innocent Until Proven

Faye Yong
- The Way We Were
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It's been some time but I've managed to insert some buttons to my site that lead to a Paypal Shopping Cart. With a simple click you should be able to purchase any of my existing titles.

Stir Fried Product #1
Stir Fried Product #2
A Taste of *everything!*
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It took almost a year to get 1000 pageviews, but less than nine months to get up to 2000, although I haven't uploaded much since, well forever. Another excuse for procrastination:

Tag 6 people.. They tag another 6 and so on..
3 habits
2 true facts
1 thing that you don't like

1. I drink MANY cups of Earl Grey Tea each day.
2. I prefer walking up stairs to using an elevator or escalator.
3. I keep everything in cardboard boxes.

1. I have no sense of hearing in my right ear.
2. I fin repetition irritating (lke having to repeat that I have no sense of hearing in my right ear).

1. Tomato Ketchup

The rules :
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged

1. I have a favourite cup from which I drink my MANY cups of Tea each day.

2. I have a copy of Sakura Taisen, but as it relies heavily on an understanding of Kanji, I haven't been able to play it.

3. I find it difficult to breathe when the weather grows colder.

4. I find it exceptionally irritating when someone makes themselves a cup of Coffee, then leaves the spoon they used to stir it in my cup, thus CONTAMINATING IT!!!

5. Well. it's been five months since I last wrote in this particular Journal.

6. During my College years i was an immense fan of The Prisoner, I even wanted to get my own Caterham 7.

7. I played Final Fantasy VII after playing Panzer Dragon Saga & I prefer the latter to the former.

8. In fact I find that I enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII more than VII!

Natural Hair Color:
[] Black = $100
[x] Blonde = $50
[] Red = $75
[] Brown = $15
[] Bald = $5
[] Other=$2

Subtotal: $ 50

Eye Color:
[] Brown - $150
[] Green - $75
[x] Blue $50
[] Hazel $100
[] Other - $15

Subtotal: $ 100

[] Over 7' - $200
[] 6'8" to 7' - $175
[x] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150
[] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75
[] 4'9" to 5'4" - $50 (My class' resident short ass)
[] Under 4'9 - $45

Subtotal: $ 250

[] 41 to 50 - $150
[x] 31 to 40 - $100
[] 26 to 30 - $75
[] 21 to 25 - $50
[] 19 to 20 - $25
[] 0 to 18 - $100

Subtotal: $ 350

Birth Order:
[] Twins or more than twins - $300
[] First Born - $300
[] Only Child - $250
[x] second born - $150
[] Middle child - $100
[] Last Born - $200
[] third born - $100
[] fourth born - $100
[] fifth born-$375

Subtotal: $ 500

[x] No - $400 - BRAIN CELLS SAY NO
[] Only Holidays - $250
[] Sometimes - $215
[] YES - $200
[] Only weekends - $300
[] Every other day - $50
[] Once a day - $15
[] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$

Subtotal: $ 900

[x] perfect vision $300
[] need or have glasses/contacts but don't wear them $200
[] No correction $100
[] Glasses $50
[] contacts $25 - FOR COSPLAY XD
[] Surgical correction -$135

Subtotal: $1200

Car Color [or familes' car(s)]:
[] White - $2,000
[] Maroon - $800
[x] Gold - $700
[] Gray - $600
[] Blue - $900
[] Pink - $475
[] Black - $450
[x] Red - $400
[] Green- $350
[x] Silver $300
[] Purple- $250
[] Metallic - $200
[] Yellow - $100
[] Primer - $75
[] Tan- $20
[] Rusted - $15
[] No Car - $0

Subtotal: $ 2600

Shoe Size:
[] 13+ - $300
[] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
[x] 11 to 12 - $700
[] 7 to 10 - $600
[] Under 7- $550

Subtotal: $ 3300

Favorite Colors (three):
[] Green-$750
[ Black - $600
[x] Red - $800
[x] Yellow -$475
[] Brown - $50
[] Purple - $225
[] White - $400
[] Aqua - $350
[] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300
[] Pink - $100
[] Other - $ 50

The Primary colours with which all colours can be made, Unless we're talking about light which is just too confusing to contemplate.

Subtotal: $ 1575 + 3300 = 4875

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[] Yes $0
[x]No-add $1000
[] on some- $750

Subtotal: $5875

how many people are you going to tag?
[x] 100-150 = $250,000 - BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL  
[] 90 - 80 = $100,000
[] 70 -60 = $50,000
[] 50 - 40 = $10,000
[] 30 - 20 = $5,000
[] 20 - 10 = $1,000
[] 5 - 1 = $500

Subtotal: $255,875

What are your hobbies?
[x] watching tv -$25
[x] playing video games -$50
[x] reading - $1000
[x] drawing - $200
[x] photography - $175
[x] sleeping - $40
[x] eating - $20
[x] singing/dancing - $70
[x] others - $10 - walking

Subtotal: $ 1590 + 255,875 = 257, 465

what sports do you play?
[] basket ball - $170
[] table tennis - $25
[] soccer - $85
[] football - $150
[] tennis - $30
[] others - $15 - Fencing

Subtotal : $ 257, 465

Have you ever had a relationship
[x] yes - $25
[]no - $30

Subtotal: $ 257,490

Do you own a pet?
[] dog - $100
[x] cat - $115
[] fish - $80
[] bird - $90
[] turtle - $20
[] others - $10

if it was per Cat it'd be $1,380

Subtotal : $258,870

TOTAL : $ 258,870

Well that was really long, so I'll have to think of something to write up that will in any way resemble something that people would be interested in.
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I only have 11 copies left, but fear not as more can easily be ordered here!


A one-off title, featuring a few strips created on a whim. And despite the cover, it contains no recipes whatsoever.

Noodle-icious - A slice of life story focusing on the opening of a Noodle Restaurant.
4 Koma Koala - 4 panel gag strip featuring a Koala.
Count Ten-Billion - A satirical strip that speculates the future dangers of the internet.
Full Body Burn - A period piece, set in a Gentleman's Cub in Victorian London.

A Taste of *everything!* All contents copyright ©2007 Mathew J Pallett All rights reserved.

I also have limited quantities of the 'Baked Potato' poster which is almost A3 in size but they aren't available online.
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  • Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.1
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  • Drinking: Water
  • Listening to: Hare Hare Yukai
  • Reading: Ninin Ga Shinobuden Vol.2
  • Watching: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.1
  • Eating: Gruel.
  • Drinking: Water
Today I'll be watching Propellor from 8PM, even though I've already seen most of what they'll be showing, it's the fact that there'll be anime on TV in a primetime slot that's the important factor here!

Today I bought a new ruler, it's a Jakar Cutting Ruler with a stainless steel strip down the back, but it's the fact that there are measurements leading down the width of the ruler as well as the length which makes it so handy. I no longer have to measure 1.5cm in from the edge as I can see through the rulers handy 5mm boxes...

Plus it reminds me of the rulers we all got with our studio kits when I first started my BTec First Diploma in Design with Media Studies.

I'm really supposed to be getting on with my serious dramatic 15 - 20 page narrative, but having redrafted the story I found that I needed to redesign a character, but found myself drawing Haruhi Suzumiya instead!!!

I'll upload the pic later.

Important People:


Interesting People



Will draw for money!!!