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Welcome to MathematicalArticles!

The idea for this group arose from my frustrations at dA's limited keyword search facilities while trying to locate mathematical articles to help expand my horizons.

I found a number of interesting articles, but in the process it became obvious that the keyword search is finicky, to say the least; and searching for mathematical articles on fractals seemed especially to be an either 0 or 1000 hits affair... often with little wheat and much chaff!

Initially, I will try to grow this group from the position of a benevolent curator; but if and when the membership roster grows to a point of sustainability, I am hoping to try to devolve both membership and submission acceptance voting responsibilities down to contributors and members.

As articulated in the About section, the aim of the group will be to be a sort of aggregator/promoter of interesting mathematical content on dA.

This criteria is best matched by:
  1. longer mathematically instructive journal entries or tutorial style infographics covering topics of utility or interest,
  2. but also includes mathematically generated visual images (i.e.: deviations) that include meaningful explanatory information in the description
  3. and potentially even description-light submissions where the images are mathematically meaningful or instructive in and of themselves (e.g.: a plotting of Gaussian primes on a complex plane).
What it most emphatically does not include are:
  1. arbitrary images produced via fractal zooms into common equations
  2. or even unique fractal imagery devoid of any commentary providing mathematical insight.

    (An uncommon equation conveyed in semi-proper mathematical form paired with an example image is probably approaching or, at best, straddling acceptability for this group; whereas an arbitrary fractal zoom with nothing but some or another program's parameter file attached falls unambiguously short of our submission criteria.)
Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions, but I do ask for patience with any potential technical glitches and hiccups the group may experience early on.

Thank you for your patronage in advance!

- Sebestyén
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About MathematicalArticles

A place for software-agnostic articles about the mathematical theories and techniques relating to image processing, fractals, other forms of mathematical art, and occasional tangential curiosities.

We aim to accept and encourage submissions from both professionals and knowledgeable amateurs on topics including but not limited to cellular automata, complex numbers, iterated function systems, primes, quaternions, et cetera.

What can be submitted / recommended?

Given the above, the primary focus of this group is Journal entries, but visual "tutorial style" write-ups, along with images whose description offers substantial and relevant mathematically oriented commentary are also accepted.

How does membership work?

Regular membership is the default rank upon joining. At this level, one journal entry or deviation can be submitted weekly, and will be featured upon approval.

Contributor membership is assigned by myself either out of personal initiative or based on recommendations by existing members and contributors. At this membership level, submissions are automatically approved.

In the future, as noted in the welcome message, rights and organizational specifics of the group will evolve as the membership grows.

Thank you for your patronage!

- Sebestyén (LeConservateur)



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"Sorry! Join requests are closed at this time."

Go to admin area, click on "manage members" and use the menu on the right hand side of the screen, and you should be able to change the settings fairly easily.
FractalMonster Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
Thank you so much although I am NOT a mathematician :blushes:
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That's quite alright.  I am also in the category of enthusiastic amateur in terms of mathematics! ;-)

Thank you for joining!
FractalMonster Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014
My pleasure :)

I will be uploading some more after a while ;)
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