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Yes, this page really is going to be about Mathematics and Art (and some of the connections between the two) and yes, I really am qualified to speak of at least one of these subjects (Mathematics), having been to grad school in the subject, having run more than a few undergraduate discussion sections. My knowledge of art is more that of an amateur, at the moment, but I'm working on that.

One of my online projects will be the writing of a Mathematics help site, some of which will spill over onto my pages on DeviantArt, as I review my books and refresh my knowledge of the material. What I'm going to do, in part, is work representative exercises, modified enough that copyright issues won't be an issue, so that the reader can learn how to do some of these things before encountering them in class. Having graded more papers than I'd be able to remember, even if I wanted to, I do know what graders tend to be looking for. In addition to helping you learn some of the mathematics you'll need to know to get a bachelor's in Mathematics, I'll be showing you what proper presentation of one's work looks like, something that I've found that students don't always understand.

My primary interests, to date, have been in Probability, Analysis and Applied Mathematics, so these will be the areas I'll give greatest attention to, first, but will be diversifying my material later, starting with some discussion of group theory and abstract algebra, and then moving on to Geometry. Not differential geometry for a while - I have to admit that this has been an area of weakness for me - but combinatorial, projective, and some of the other areas.

To speak of "applied math" raises the question of what it is that one intends to apply the math, to. In undergrad, I double majored in Physics and Mathematics, and in graduate school I've branched into Electrical Engineering, so some of my examples will be drawn from these fields. In general, I'll be leaning toward applications in the pure and applied physical sciences.

To create my own art, I'll be playing around with fractal generation programs, quite sadly amateurishly at first, after I find some decent freeware to download. After this, some tessellation art in the Euclidean and hyperbolic planes, and I'll see what comes after that.

The name of my blog "Contrariwise" is a Lewis Carroll reference (Alice in Wonderland), alluding to the sometimes surreal character of some of the counterexamples that arise, setting limits on what is provable.

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Current Residence: Chicago
You see, I live in Illinois, land of the eight month winter, so summer is very precious while it lasts, and I spend as much of it as I can outside. But, with Mybloglog gone, I have to hook my sites back together, and set up alternative subscription options for my journals, so I need a feed for this journal, and a post in the feed for the feed to appear, and ... Yawn, right? But it has been a beautiful summer, and there is more of it to come.
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Hi! If you are not experienced in fractal generators, I can shyly recomend to you a freeware software, kalled KaosRhei. It is simple, and very clear-cut, but knows a lot. Made by an amateur fractal artist, but professional German programmer, Bjorn Ischo. The coolest thing in the program not just the fractal renderer, but it also has got a pixel transformation formula editor.  The program even can save parameter files for further work on formulae. If you are courious, just ask for it and I can link here my gallery, but don't want to seem like a spammer. The little app oisd downloadable for example from Softpedia (use google if you are interested). Have a nice day and I'm looking forward your fractals, whether made with KaosRhei or not. Merry festities, happy New Year!
oh, and sorry for misspellings :-(.
#FracManip-Challenges is a challenge group which offers new monthly challenges for those Artists wishing to compete using fractal manipulation skills.

We have three levels of Artist participation and offer monthly point prizes to those who have been chosen winners.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please consider our request and invitation!!
Thanks for the watch =)
:iconfmwaveplz: Welcome to :iconfracman:
We are very glad to have you on board! :iconpurpleheartsplz:
just read you're info. i collect freeware links and thought these three might be of interest to a mathmatical modeller

mandlebulb 3d [link]

structure synth [link]

topmod [link]

hope thats useful