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Harry Potter challenges Death

By MathAndChaos
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Inspired by chapter 45 of Less Wrong's incredible fanfic Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, but is not a literal depiction of a scene from the fanfic.

On the left, Death of the Endless: ancient, powerful, shrouded in mystery and mystique. Drawn as from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, because she's more fun to draw than a skeleton with a scythe.

On the right, eleven-year-old Harry Potter. By applying rational scientific techniques to the study of magic, he intends to bring about the end of Death and forge a brighter future for humanity.
The castle is Hogwarts; the equation is Bayes' Theorem; the thing with arrows and squiggles is a Feynman diagram, chosen to represent Harry's knowledge of Muggle scientific findings because it's easy to draw. I don't actually know quantum physics yet, so I hope this one represents something vaguely reasonable.
Harry is rumored to be able to do anything he wants by snapping his fingers.
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Quest Completed!
Obtained: Minion
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All I see is a Deviantart Icon with the Poetry and Prose sub-header.
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Me too, now.
It's not obvious to me how to fix this, but for the moment "Download File" still works.
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This is .... I don't have words to tell you how awesome this is. You made my day!
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Death's kinda hot.

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Wow!!! Nice work! seems like Harry knocking (or testing?) on Death's veil/mist/barrier^^
Love the equation too
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