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Raiden from MGS4, one of my favorite characters of the best game ever...

UPDATE: I've made a few changes like the texture in the background... nothing really important...
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Wow, awesome piece of artwork, loved it. Clap 
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Ah Raiden! :heart: I love him, and so I do love this drawing! It's so cool! Raiden looks so serious, but it fits well to the drawing and you did great job by making so well the details of his costume! I'm pretty sure you made a hard  work by making this picture, right? Especially when it's about your favorite fictional character from a game you like so much =D
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cool Raiden amazingRabbit hole +fav deviantART :happybounce: I think I've fainted. I think I've fainted. Heart 
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Not to mention from Metal Gear Rising Revengeange.
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I DO like the background. Very MGS. :D
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so clean work...good job
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How long did this take you?
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This is amazing. I am in love with it.
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amazing. raiden is the bomb.
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that's awesome!!!
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Raiden was totaly awesome in MGS 4, it was cool to see his progression from rookie to complete badass.
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mgs4 is my fav game^^ and great job he is my fav fav charicter he so sexy
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How did raiden get like this? cuz after metal two he was all normal and stuff
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play mgs4 or wait till mgs rising comes out and youll get the full answer lol
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Guy, plz think of some colouring tutorials <3 Your art is amazing! Almost each piece of it looks like it was made with different techniques! God damn it! There's no way to express my feelings about it xD
LetumLupus03's avatar
wow!!! this is soooo awesome!! 0_0 And I can't wait to see what Metal Gear Rising will look like! ;) With Raiden as the main character for PS3 and 360! Well I guess that Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker will make us patience until the next next-gen MGS! :XD:
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Nice details, nice shading! I love it.
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I love cyborgs and MSG, so I'm really happy you did this. Awesome.
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very very nice check my gallery you will find my sketched version of raiden [link] [link] so check them out cheers
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