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A great portrayal of Treebeard and the hobbits. I find it interesting in the way the patches of background colour make the figures stand out. The Treebeard's face really reflects what we know about him: The ancient guardian of the forest, dignified in his own way and quite scary at first glance, but good-hearted in the core. I find his more human face appropriate (as compared with the film version of him). As for the hobbits, I at first glance found their rather static or stiff poses (especially the one on the left, is it Pippin?) and that they are drawn strictly in profile a bit odd as compared with the dynamic pose of Treebeard, but now as I look at it, I find the contrast quite interesting. And it makes sense one would be a little bit stiff when held by an ent in such a way. :-)
All in all a nice illustration.
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