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Tol Sirion



Tol Sirion was an island on the upper reaches of the River Sirion where Finrod Felagund built the tower of Minas Tirith to keep watch upon the doings of Morgoth on the northern plain of Ard-galen and prevent passage south by Orcs through the Pass of Sirion, the West Gate of Beleriand. It was under the command of Finrod's brother Orodreth. The island was renamed Tol-in-Gaurhoth after its capture by Sauron.

pen and watercolour

This picture (together with two others: Barad Eithel and Esgaroth) was drawn for an art contest "O lahvičku miruvoru" ("For a bottle of miruvor") by Czech Tolkien society. I got second place. :-)


If you like my Tolkien-related art, look at my related journal or gallery folder.
But you can find even more of my pictures on my website It's in Czech, but you can still look over the gallery of illustrations. Enjoy! :-)
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Love this, especially your depiction of the island. It looks like a worthy place for a fortress!

BTW, I used this in a post on "The Ruin of Beleriand" chapter in The Silmarillion. You can see it here:…

Hope that's OK! Thank for sharing this work.