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Improvement Meme 2015



An old thing, I did it first six years ago (oh the time flies...). And now, with the end of one year and beginning of another, I thought it might be interesting to make a continuation. So here it is.

It's a nice retrospect. Great idea to look back and compare. =D Most people who do this meme are drawing characters, especially portraits, but I thing it can be quite interesting even with my landscapes, sceneries, buildings etc. as it is still possible to follow some development or (hopefully) improvement through it. :-)

EDIT: Some people asked for pictures even earlier than 2003. Alright, so there it is. :-) It has been fun to delve into my old "archives" – I even rediscovered many things I had forgotten long ago. ;-)

About the pictures - most of them from 2003 onwards are on dA, so if you wish to look at them, here are the links:

2003: Looking Upward

2004: Carn Dûm, Amon Dîn, Durthang

2005: Ithilien, Rath Dînen, Hephaistheion, Lindon

2006: Painting a Scenery, Pecka, Castle in the Sky, September

2007: Minas Ithil, Longbottom, Lothlórien, Barad Nimras

2008: Vinyamar, Dol Guldur, Brithombar, Woodhall

2009: Forsaken Inn, Thorin in Blue Mountains, St Paul's Cathedral, Tol Sirion

2010: St. George's Basilica , Chetwood , Anardil of Gondor , Michel Delving

2011: Romenna , Nargothrond , Church of Saint Nicholas , Tarannon Falastur of Gondor 

2012: Church of St Henry , Joy of Running , Magical Forest , Durin's Stone 

2013: Story of Tuor, Part 3: The Message of Ulmo , Autumn in Tatra Mountains , City of Stairs , Pilgrimage Church of the Visitation in Koclerov 

2014: Golden Larches of Dachstein , Hobbiton , Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Vysehrad , Autumn at Vrani Hory 

2015: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Dark Mirror , A Royal Wedding in Numenor , Romendacil II of Gondor , Church of St John of Nepomuk on the Rock 

So what do you think about the improvement? And what styles, techniques and themes from this diverse tangle do you like? :-)
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to je super, prekvapuje me, jak jsou nektere z tech starych obrazku dobre, treba vase chata, nebo erb stromajdy. ty prvni domky vypadaji strasne stylove, mohl by to byt potisk na tricko. a obrazek se spodni polovinou slunce vypada, ze misto nebe je more. a mlyn ma zajimavy pudorys.
mustek v khazad-dum je zaimavy, protoze na prvni pohled vypada, jako stojici cerna postava a co je to za vesmirnou lod / robodraka nad hradem?

to je neskutecne, tvuj pokrok v krajinach a stavbach, v pouzivani barev a propracovanosti.