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Barad Nimras



"Barad Nimras - a tower built by Finrod, on the Falas between the havens of Brithombar and Eglarest. It was built to keep watch, if Morgoth tried to assail them from the sea. As Morgoth never mounted any attack from the ocean, the tower was never in fact needed. In the year after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, though, Morgoth did launch a land-based attack on Eglarest and Brithombar, and Barad Nimras was torn down at that time by the very foes it was meant to guard against.
The name Barad Nimras means 'Tower of the White Horn'."

oil pastel

I created this picture originally for a callendar I was making together with my sister ~Mechor as a christmas present for our grandma. :) This is then the picture for February. You can see the whole calendar here.

If you like my Tolkien-related art, look at my related journal or gallery folder.
But you can find even more of my pictures on my website It's in Czech, but you can still look over the gallery of illustrations. Enjoy! :-)
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I like how it is growing straight from the rock. It is really like a horn!