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I got some new feathers so I decided to play with them. Not too happy with the end results, feathers kept soaking the droplets, probably cause they're dyed.
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This is a pretty photo, but there is no originality to it, it brings some of the most overused elements of macro photography together.

Feather? check.
Water drop? check.
Sparkles? check
Pretty colours? check.

Do not get me wrong, it's a very good photograph, but, the unoriginality takes away from it. You get half a star for using white, which is slightly unusual for this sort of photo.

In regards to technique, I really like it, I really love the softness around the edges, and I like how much white there is.

It's it really good technically, the only two things that I could point out is that the warmness towards the top of the image is more attractive then the colder colours of the lower bit (But I'm on my laptop atm, so the screen isn't the best, and it might not be displaying the colours properly) I think that the water drop could be a few millimetres more to the right.

I know these photos are pretty, and are fun to take, but maybe you should sit down and figure out a way to breathe new life into your photo, maybe a new perspective, or a new element?
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nice , I like it !
very decent , sparkles on white feather - cool !

it will take time to get sparkle in your mind and create something original, but it is ok to practice with standard elements meanwhile

stay cool !
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I agree that this theme is overused but I always wanted to take a photo of water drops on colored feathers so I gave it a try. Since my camera is a simple one, this proved to be a bit of a challenge cause of a not such a wide angle of my lens.

I appreciate your critique! :)