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R1ch13 the Scout

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*Designated name: R1ch13 aka Richie or R1
Species: Kilna'ar
This species is often used as scouts and infiltrators due to their small size and agility (their heigth moves between 30-50 cm) for military tasks they under go genetic and cybernetic augmentation to be more effecient at their tasks. The species however has a slight inferiority complex when paired with other species, since most others are at least three times if not 4 times bigger than they are. Due to this reason they have a harder time working with others outside of their kind. Enhacned awareness has a slight side effect of the person having trouble sleeping, this is only an issue when said person isn't in combat. The augments also had another odd side effect of having the females change their "fur" (actually very smooth feathers) into very brigth colors instead of more natural blending colors (males grow slightly longer horns, but that didn't change), this is most likely due to how the augments only make them sexually active when it is their mating season and then it kicks into overdirve due to the year long lack of intercourse.*

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