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April 4, 2012
Tomb Raider - Surreal valley by ~Matchack
The suggester says: "...great Tomb Raider fanart, really far from the usual artworks we're used to see about this game. I really like the composition, the dreamy effect of this surreal background and the high amount of details the artist put in it!"
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Suggested by DameOdessa

Tomb Raider - Surreal valley

here's a work I've submitted to the gnomon workshop contest, I imagine it's one of Lara Croft adventures - it would be nice to play this kind of a bit twisted game :)

EDIT - a lot of texture work and defining details, colour corrections etc. I think it improved. I still want to work a bit on character, though.
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MeWhoKnows's avatar
It's absofuckinlutely awesome! I have already 27 pictures of Lara hanging on my walls at home, but this one is going to be my new favourite!
SilentMortal's avatar
Flawless work! Really, it's grand! :D Tell me, how did you come up with such a surreal concept? 
J-Hump's avatar
Saimain's avatar
You should enter this in Square Enix's Tomb Raider fanart contest!  I think it would blow them away, and get you a lot of notice, if not also publication and cash.  As soon as I heard about the contest, I remembered this gorgeous painting of yours and had to come find you again!  :)
singlespeak's avatar
Very nice idea... & grandiose execution! :o :thumbsup:
shrmcloud's avatar
This is excellent, both in imagination and skill!
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microscopi's avatar
Pretty amazing stuff, I think if you can pull off thumbnails so well lighted and detailed like you do so well when you color them they must look epic!
Saimain's avatar
I'm without words.  This is the coolest thing I have ever seen, and a truly astounding painting!  Do you sell prints of this, by any chance?  I would love to have it on my wall to stare at every day!  :heart:
laokation's avatar
You broke my brain.
absolutejackass's avatar
Mindfuck! Love this picture!
this is my favorite found it on suicide sheep's channel amazing
jaymeefox's avatar
is that waterfall like sideways???  
xXForestMist's avatar
This is beautiful, and I love how you don't notice anything weird with the background until you turn your head a little bit and you're just like, "Wait a second. 0_0"
And then it becomes epic!
pirate1802's avatar
ocReaper's avatar
Very unique idea! And amazing implementation! ;)
Zero-Optix's avatar
I love this but i dont think it fits the Tomb Raider game. Take Lara out and its still a stunning piece that would be in a fantasy genre. nice work!
bear48's avatar
very fine work
drewhoshkiw's avatar
Submissions for this contest have to be after a certain date, so since this is an old work from before the contest, it would be disqualified.
Yes, probably.
King-o-Fools's avatar
After playing the game I think that this is a great image to express the mystery behind the story's events and Lara trying to make sense of them... I love it. Good work!
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