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Mystic Messenger x Reader
Mystic Messenger fanfic commission now Avaliable
Touken Ranbu x Reader
For all the Saniwas out there.
Uta no Prince-sama x Reader
Any UtaPri Chara x Reader.

Lemon fics are negotiable but won't be available here if its to R-18. 
Mix Fandom X Readers
Writing for K project , OHSHC , SnK ( Modern AU) and more...

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[Fate Grand Order] Too tired by Matcha97 [Fate Grand Order] Too tired :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 4 2 [Fate Grand Order] Desperate times by Matcha97 [Fate Grand Order] Desperate times :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 2 0 Gudako Costest by Matcha97 Gudako Costest :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 4 0 [FGO] Mordred is trash by Matcha97 [FGO] Mordred is trash :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 2 0 [FATE GRAND ORDER] Taking out the Trash by Matcha97 [FATE GRAND ORDER] Taking out the Trash :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 3 4 Nanami Day by Matcha97 Nanami Day :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 4 0 [FGO] Okita Souji by Matcha97 [FGO] Okita Souji :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 3 0 FGO Okita Souji Cosplay by Matcha97 FGO Okita Souji Cosplay :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 3 0
UtaPri ~ Tokiya x Reader X Hayato - Prologue

A/N: This is an AU, Hayato and Tokiya are literal twins here
  Being treated as the shadow of his younger brother had took a toll in Tokiya's childhood. Although he was equally talented and skilled as Hayato, the younger twin would be the apple of everyone's eyes.
"Hayato, you are so talented." "Your voice melts our heart, Hayato." " You'll become a popular celebrity with your talent and charm when you grow up ." Praises were surrounding Hayato, as for Tokiya... He would always be compared to his brother.
"You'll never be like your brother." "You are good, but your brother is better." "You'll only be the least favorite." Negativity that intoxicated Tokiya to loath his brother.
  As the years went by, Hayato became a popular idol among girls his age. Although being an idol was only a side job for Hayato, his brother - Tokiya would always be the 'bridge' for all the girls in their school to relay gifts to
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 14 0
Black Canary by Matcha97 Black Canary :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 3 3
Have a Little Faith ~ Batman/Bruce Wayne x Reader
A/N: First official attempt to write for Batman, I am still learning.

Having to know Bruce Wayne for almost a life time, being the wife adds stress level to a notch higher for Y/n. Bruce being Batman does not help to ease the worry.  
"You worry me sometimes honey." Y/n sighed as she watch her husband gear up. 
"I'll be fine." Bruce replied as he faced her with his charming Batsmirk. 
"No more broken ribs or gunshot wounds, ok." "No promises honey." Bruce gave a peck to her luscious lips. 
Y/n's heart broke a little a she watched her husband climb into the batmobile and drove out of the batcave.  
"Madame, shall I accompany you to binge watch (Fav TV show)?" Alfred asked.  
"Yes please, and could you please bring some ice-cream too?" She asked.  
"Madame, I do advise you not to eat too much of the frozen dairy." Alfred replied.  
Y/n let out a small chuckle, "I know... But, we both want to eat that now." As
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 11 0
Flower by Matcha97 Flower :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 3 0
707 x Reader ~ Eternity (Angst?)

Luciel's POV
I know we just met not too long on the RFA chatroom that you had downloaded by mistake.
Yet, I felt like that we knew each other for a long time. I always crack jokes on the chat to ease the tension and to make everyone's day a lot better. I know I am not like Zen nor Jumin to charm you with handsome looks, I have my own way to charm you. From time to time I would call you just to hear your voice. Even though I would also crack jokes on the phone, you would cooperate with me to play around.
   When news broke out in the chat when you and (Jumin, Zen, Yoosung) are going out, my whole world shattered.
Although I did told you that I would always be your knight, your happiness matters to me the most. Now, I am holding your wedding invitation on my hand, I am slowly shedding tears for I know I can't be with you in this life time however, in the other more I will be the one waiting for you at the other side of the
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 20 2
BPro - Tomohisa x Reader x Kazuna

Just like Tsubasa, Y/n was also the A&R for B project; she handled most of the PR work for the idols whereas Tsubasa cater their daily routines.
"N/n-chan~ We missed you." Yuuta glomped at the h/c girl.
"Well... I've been busy. Killer King's PR work load is just too much." "I missed you all as well."
"Do take care alright." Tomohisa petted her head and gave her a warm smile.
"Of course I will." She replied.
However, Kazuna had a sour look on his face when Tomohisa petted her head. He also noticed the unusual posture of Y/n.
"Leader?" Hikaru asked.
"Y/n, are you sick?" Kazuna asked.
"Huh? I'm fin-" In mere seconds, Y/n passed out in front of everyone scarring them.
     By the time Y/n woke up, she was admitted to the hospital. The room was a private ward, with h
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 7 2
MC by Matcha97 MC :iconmatcha97:Matcha97 10 0
Heshikiri Hasebe x Reader - The Art of Merajuk

A/n: I Apologize for MIA-ing for SO LONG, College life isn't easy with all the drama going on. I will be having my internship during May, ain't got no time for writing.
  Having to take care of 50 plus sword boys, it was not easy for Y/n. Each sword boy has a distinct personality and attitude, however.... Y/n had to cope with ALL of them. Although Y/n had chosen the ever loyal Heshikiri Hasebe as her retainer, her work load had yet to lessen.
"Aruji! Look at this pretty skirt I found, it's so fluffy." Midare spoke out as (s)he twirled in it.
"Midare, is that mine? I haven't wore that!" Y/n screeched as she chases Midare.
The citadel was lively after the arrival of Juzumaru, the genji brothers, Muramasa and more of the toushirous much to Hasebe's dismay.
"Aruji, are you married?" Was the first question that Houchou asked when he first came back from the Osaka castle hunt. That scared the living daylights out of everyone especi
:iconmatcha97:Matcha97 4 2

My fanfics!

Feel free to read them!

Leave comments so I know I can improve! ~

Pretty Pink Commissions Open Stamp by Glycyrrhizicacid (refer the column above)


Did It Break Us? - Part 2 - Steve Rogers X Reader
There was a God-awful taste in your mouth.  You could taste blood for sure, but the other was...was that dirt?  Your first sense to be acknowledged was taste as your eyes couldn't bring themselves to open yet.  Steve stood outside your room and watched through the window as the doctor and anesthesiologist brought you out of sedation, relieved you were coming back to the land of the conscious.  You could tell your bed was propped up and as your tongue tried to clear the debris from your mouth, a large, involuntary inhale forced its way through your lungs.  Steve saw your eyebrows scrunch, a sight he rarely witnessed, and your eyes shot open as you tried to catch your breath.  
“F/n, slow your breathing,” Doctor Harris instructed, his face unsettlingly close for the first image upon opening your eyes.  Trying desperately to follow his instruction, you clutched the bed sheet.  Steve’s emotions almost shot through the roof as all he
:iconloveyourartfriend:LoveYourArtFriend 10 0
Reader x Archer - Cuddle Sunshine
Reader x Archer - Cuddle Sunshine
Title: Cuddle Sunshine
Fandom: Fate Stay/Night: Unlimited Blade Works
Character: Archer
Genre: fluff cause this poor boy needs it, quickie
Warnings: he might be ooc? curing, this also has sexual innuendos/suggests after sex
Intended Gender Audience: Female Audience
Word Count: 218 words
Other comments: literally dont @ me this doesnt take place in the anime i just found a cute pic and wanted to use it so hush and enjoy it
You only lift your head from his chest when the sun shines directly in your eyes. It bothers you, but you really don’t want to move from your position because Archer is sleeping. His uniform is wrinkled and stretched from the events of the previous night, but you wish that he would have stripped completely.
         For now, you settle for feeling his muscles through the thin fabric and enjoying the warmth emanating from him. He hums content
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 14 6
Fate Grand order: the last supper by Chewiebaka Fate Grand order: the last supper :iconchewiebaka:Chewiebaka 35 2
Fate/Grand Order – Gilgamesh x Reader
“Mongrel, what do you think you’re doing? Know your place.”
“Feast your eyes upon my magnificent glory.”
You couldn’t help but sometimes wonder why you put up with such a servant. You swore you thought you were going insane when you decided to tolerate his egotistical behavior. Normally, your buttons getting pushed were an unpleasant feeling overall, especially when the person rubbed them unnecessarily just to make sure you knew what they were doing. Gilgamesh is the living essence of this.
It was strange how you’d be willing to let him boss you around and call you ‘mongrel’. What an insulting name to be called… and yet, you aren’t as irritated as you expect yourself to be. Usually, you’d fight back and call the other party something just as insulting.
Maybe it was in the way he said it
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 8 3
New Pillow Eddie/Venom x Reader
Work has been rough this week you are beyond tired and just need Eddie and V's cuddles to both comfort and refresh you.
Eddie and Venom love to cuddle always have.
Your watching Solo:A Star Wars Story,sitting on Eddie's lap while Venom has formed out of Eddie's back to lay his head on your shoulder he nuzzles your cheek you reach up and pet him with your free hand pressing your face even closer to his as you three watch the movie.
A few minutes later you become even more tired and scoot down a bit to lay up against Eddie,Venom watches you.
"Hey what're you doing?Don't you wanna finish the movie?"
"You boys are my new pillow."
Eddie chuckles and smiles."What?"
"You're so warm,and soft,and I just wanna forget work for a few days I'm so exhausted.We also need new pillows ours have gone flat.So for now you boys are my new pillow."
"Well I'm alright with It,how about you V?"
"Anything for our sweet little nibble."Venom uses some tendrils to form a sort of pillow on Eddie's chest for
:iconvenoms-lil-nibble:Venoms-Lil-Nibble 27 3
Lanling Wang by azuyuki Lanling Wang :iconazuyuki:azuyuki 39 3
Halloween chaos [SaruhikoxReader] [Oneshot]
“Come on, (y/n)! Hurry!”
Your brother almost whined as you went down the stairs slowly. He jumped up and down, waving at you with both arms.
“They are waiting for me! Come oooon!”
You grimaced lightly, placing one arm at your hip before tilting your head.
“And they will wait even longer. Calm down, (b/n).”, you replied with a sigh, making him pout.
“But... but we still need to finish our costumes! We can't waste time!”
“You're wasting time by complaining, you know? I only need my bag, okay?”
“What's with all this ruckus?” It was your mother who entered the room, eyeing you and your younger brother annoyed. “Can't you two argue outside? I've got work to do.”, she grumbled.
“Sorry. We were about to go, mum.”, you muttered, pointing at the door with your head. You couldn't imagine anything better than playing watchdog for your brother. You loved him – but such tasks were kinda annoying wh
:iconcyarana:Cyarana 8 2
[FF] Pastel de Nata x Reader - Eu Te Amo
Napoleon Cake walks back and forth in front of you and it was hard for you to concentrate. How can you think up new menu dishes when his restless face is distracting you?
"Napoleon... What's the matter? You've been awfully jittery lately."
"I'm sugar-deprived, Master Attendant... Pastel refuses to make me desserts... He says I'm a pain in the neck and he's not willing to waste ingredients because of me anymore..."
Ah, yes, Pastel de Nata. A Food Soul whose very skilled in making sweets. His homemade delicacies are wonderful. Especially his egg tarts, which isn't surprising.
He doesn't like interacting with others and when he does, he can be rather harsh. No one should bug him when he's baking unless they like to receive a death glare, and a whack on the head from his whisk.
You're the only one who's allowed to come near him when he's in the kitchen, mainly because you're his Master Attendant. But is it really the only reason?
You've been noticing that Pastel developed a behavior
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 11 3
Matsuoka Rin - Mine.
→ Matsuoka Rin x Reader.
→ Word Count : 3. 076
→ English is not my first language, please excuse my eventual mistakes !
One could have thought that Haruka, being a nineteen years old adult would have been at least a little reasonable, but he was not. He was far from it, even, to the great displeasure of his barely younger sister who struggled to keep him in bed.
« I said no, so it’s no. You will not go anywhere today, not when you’re that sick. »
« [Name], you know I have to... the pool... »
« Don’t even think about it. You will stay  home and that’s it. Your health comes first. »

Haruka managed to catch a cold and almost passed out the day before, he was still weak and feverish, the last thing his sister wanted to hear was him talking about going swimming, or doing anything that implied him being any where that wasn’t asleep under his covers.
« But we have the relay- »
« I don
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 9 6
His Return | Lancer x Reader
    “I really wish you didn’t have to go...”
    Your words were full of sorrow. The 6th Holy Grail War lasted just over a year and during that time, Lancer had become your one and only companion in life. Despite your victory in the war, you swore from the very beginning that you wouldn’t use the infinite power granted by the grail. It was a power that could turn even the most selfless of people into murderers.
    In the end, it was nothing more than a curse.
    But your noble actions did have downsides. By refusing to take the grail for yourself, you also refused to grant Lancer a true form of his own, forcing him to remain a servant once more. For the first time in your life, your ideals and heart collided with one another but in the end, your ideals won out once more.
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 30 22
Cliche Cowboy [Jesse McCree x Reader]
Author's Note; Happy Valentine's Day! Song is Body Like A Backroad by Sam Hunt. As usual, [y/n] is your name and [l/n] is your last name. Please read the description for more information! Hope you enjoy! <3
You and Jesse have been dating for just over a year. Jesse knows how important Valentine's Day is to you, so he decides to reminisce about how you met in New Mexico and your relationship over the last year.
Got a girl from the Southside, got braids in her hair
First time I seen her walk by, man I 'bout fell up out my chair
Had to get her number, it took me like six weeks
Now me and her go way back like Cadillac seats
"I remember the long braids you had when we first met." Jesse grins, staring at you.
"I did! It was so hot that day."
You let out a giggle and say, "Remember when I walked by you and you almost fell out of your chair?"
Jesse groans, putting a hand on his forehead.
"I don't need to be reminded abo
:iconwriterantics:WriterAntics 26 3
Constitution. Diarmuid X Reader
        Hovering between your dreams and reality the slow, steady sound of a fire crackling gently pulled you further from your not so restful sleep. Even in your current state, the popping and snapping of a fire didn't make sense to you. You didn't own a fireplace, but then again, this didn't feel like your bed either. Your confusion growing, you forced yourself to move. Shielding your eyes from the bright, over head light, you looked around at the unfamiliar surroundings. Tall ceilings, elegant draperies and expensive looking furniture surrounded you. As much as you wished it was, this was most certainly not your home. On the other side of the room, busying himself with something on the shelf in front of him, was Diarmuid. Still in a thick fog, you gently rubbed your eyes in an attempt to clear your head. Either it didn't work, or you really didn't have any idea where you were, or why. Not quite laying, but not quite sitting either, you pushed yourself up a bit mo
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 28 4
20171202 by LKiKAi 20171202 :iconlkikai:LKiKAi 287 26
Kentin X Reader: The Letter
You and Ken were the closest of friends. Sure, he may have been clingy, going as far as to change high school just so he could be with you, but you couldn't resist his overloaded cuteness and kindness. These traits were part of his charm, and that's why you loved him. Unfortunately, your best friend had to leave shortly after you both had started your second year of high school in Sweet Amoris High. After hearing Amber and her friends were constantly bullying him, such as taking his lunch money, Ken's father had sent him to military school. The long distance didn't stop you from keeping in touch though. Every time you would receive a letter from him, you would reply back as soon as you could. You had started developing feelings for him as months passed.
You were currently lying on your bed, staring lovingly at the teddy bear Ken had given you the day he left. Your thoughts were interrupted when your mother called.
"(First Name)! You've got another mail!"
You immediately got up from you
:iconlaurasanya:laurasanya 16 1
Fate Zero Seven Minutes in Heaven - Lancelot
          “Hmm, it's getting harder and harder to pick out players. I don't want anyone to have to wait for a long time, but I don't think there's going to be any way around it.” Sighing softly, Irisviel shook her head. “I suppose, if I didn't talk as much, that might cut down on a bit of wait time.” Giggling at the fact that she was scolding herself, Irisviel eventually gestured towards you. “I've made you wait long enough. You can go next.”
“It hasn't been that long at all. Even if it had, I really don't mind waiting.” Pushing yourself off of the ground and onto your feet, you happily walked up to the box of items and looked inside. Most of the items looked like relics or keepsakes, but one of them seemed a bit out of place. Curious, you picked up the vial and held it up to the moonlight. The red liquid inside, looked suspiciously like blood. But honestly, no one would put something like that into the box, would
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 20 3
Fate Zero Seven Minutes in Heaven - Diarmuid
         Already looking a little winded from all the running back and forth, Irisviel took her place in front of all the other players and took a deep breath in. “Being the host of this game is proving to be a little bit of a workout.” Giggling, to show she didn't mind this fact, Irisviel's lips curved into a pleasant smile. “Oh, we need another player, don't we?” Eyes slowly looking over the garden, she stopped at you. “I think you'll do nicely.”
“Me? Okay.” Blushing already, you timidly stood up and joined Irisviel in front of the others. Needing to be out of the spotlight as soon as possible, you reached into the box and quickly pulled out an old, tattered piece of binding. It looked like the kind used to bind weapons, but you couldn't be sure. “Um, I'm not really sure what this is, or who it belongs to.”
“It belongs to me.” On his feet the instant he saw the item, Diarmuid started towa
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 33 4


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happy belated new year. My trip from Taiwan had ended on the 1/2/19. It was fun, I got sick on the 5th day in Taiwan due to the extremely cold weather there around hualian and other areas. 

Unlike 2017, I am grateful enough to attend Animate Cafe Taipei TWICE, as I have a longer staying period in Taiwan. Honestly saying, my recent trip had been fun. 

May 2019 gives us more awesome things to look forward to Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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[Fate Grand Order] Too tired
It's halloween~ I cosplayed Gudako for the day, but my class was cancelled. So, I utilized the empty classroom I am in. yay we're gay 

Camera QiQi 
[Fate Grand Order] Desperate times
I am finally able to debut my gudako cosplay ~ yay we're gay 

Saber ~> PeanuTs

Camera Yun Xin 
Hi guys, I am finally able to update on my current whereabouts. I'm officially a degree student and I had been busy for almost 3 weeks now with my assignment and usual work being due SO CLOSELY. My cosplay and events attending schedule have to be cut short as I'm not able to attend some events due to my assignments needs to be done ASAP. The only event I managed to attend was a small and mediocre event that was held back in September. It was for assignment purposes. On the bright side of things, end of the year; I will be going to Taiwan again WOOHOO! I really missed Taiwan after last year. I'm going to be 10 times more than last year as I am already drowning in Fate hell and merch hunting will cause me to be penniless. h-h-help 

My socials are also changed due to hackers from Russia, my IG and Twitter are now with new handles and be warned, my Twitter is 100% Japanese language. Before my Degree life began, I made a lot of friends from Japan. Both in the cosplay community and IRL. I was not able to attend Animangaki this year despite had already prepared my cosplays for the event. Oh well, there is next year. Since I am stuck in West Malaysia for another 2 1/2 years. lenny the kid 

 Twitter Koimo_0 Instagram New Icon kinta_minami 
Okita Souji NAF by Matcha97 Photo from NAF, the only event I attended so far. Will only attend MGACE Day 2 cause Day 1 has clashed with a photography competition that I had to attend 

See you guys soon ! 
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Hi guys, 

happy belated new year. My trip from Taiwan had ended on the 1/2/19. It was fun, I got sick on the 5th day in Taiwan due to the extremely cold weather there around hualian and other areas. 

Unlike 2017, I am grateful enough to attend Animate Cafe Taipei TWICE, as I have a longer staying period in Taiwan. Honestly saying, my recent trip had been fun. 

May 2019 gives us more awesome things to look forward to Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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