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These dreams of mine
Taunt me.
Taunt me of images of blood
Taunt me of the face of love.
Causing me to create chaos
In the world i have ceased to love.
I drift at night into my dreamworlds
Hoping to see the one i love.
To leave my fears and problems behind
In the world of reality.
To sucumb to reality leaves me feeling
A new source of hatred.
Hatred with this world of death
Hatred with the people in it.
During the night i grow impatient
Waiting for the dream to come
Waiting for the dreamworld's gate
Covered with my thorns of hate.

Coming back to the gate
As my dream comes to an end.
My eyes are open to see a man
A man witha gun pointing to my head
Waiting for me to tell him things
Tell him things of money and greed.
I refuse, thinking of the gate opening slightly
Waiting for me to enter the Darkworld.
The man fires,
The bullet flies to my head
Causing me to die in a pool of blood.

The gate with its thorny vines
Beckons me to enter its darkly world.
Consumed by hatred i will suffer in
this dreamworld nightmare.
Blah! I couldn't figure out what category of poetry to put this so i put it in dark cuz...well.. just cuz.
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