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A vision of the past and present
Linger in the mind of an angel.
An angel with the wings of a raven.
The wings as black as night itself.
The vision of the past reminds him of his plan
His plan to gain the trust of a human.
A human girl between heaven and hell.
The dark winged angel conceals his face
To show the gril what he used to be
Before he fell from the heavens.
Using her dreams to gain her trust
He slowly showed her what and who he is.
The mortal girl fell in love with the fallen angel
Not realizing his true form or nature.
This vision of the past only lingers when he remembers
And fades when he is plotting
Plotting about what to do with the mortal child of earth.
The present vision that is fresh in his mind
Is of the girl naming him Gabriel
To suit her passion for him.
The last dream he sent to his earthen child
Was never shown in her sleep.
An intruder from the heavens
Killed the dream link
An closed her dreamgate
With a warning to the hellish angel.
The warning stated: " You can never receive the love of that human
she is too valuable to me."
Yet the present vision showed
The earthen child's heart is already in his possession.
Bah! This one is really called Crystal Ball of Past and Present, but it was kinda long so yeah. Umm...this is part two of black feather.
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